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Cubby House Paint Scheme’s & Design Tips and Tricks

Cubby House Paint Scheme’s and Design Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Decorated Cubby Houses really are becoming very popular! Our customers love that our cubbies can be painted very easily.

An Aarons Outdoor Living painted Cubby House will look just like a little weatherboard house!  Getting your childs first cubby is a big step.  At Aarons we make it a little easier because we have loads of different cubbies on display with all the options to choose from.

Choose your cubby

Head to our Cubbies page to start choosing your dream cubby house. All our sales staff are friendly and experienced so feel free to utilise us when making colour, roof and package elevation decisions.

Choose your paint scheme

Once you’ve chosen a package, you can begin to think about colour. Dulux has a great paint gallery that is a useful place to start for cubby house painting.

**Hint: If you would like to paint the outside of your cubby, you can save some extra money by purchasing a ‘natural’ finish cubby house.  Be sure to add the appropriate colorbond roof colour to go with your theme!  P.s. a cubby house bought WITH the stained option actually creates the perfect base for painting.  This means less coats!

You can also then leave the decking and accessories in the stained for added appeal  (photos later on in the article).  Our stain is double dipped which means the inside of your cubby will also be stained!

Choose a roof colour to suit or contrast your paint scheme

The next step is to chose a Colorbond roof colour. Visit this handy Colorbond page to view the range.

1. Design Tip: Use chalkboard paint in the cubby house design

A great idea we’ve seen is to paint one of the walls inside with chalkboard paint which you can find in most hardware stores like Bunnings. The kids will love leaving notes and drawings on the inside of their new cubby house!  This customer (cubby photo to the right) painted the front door with chalkboard paint!

Add Chalkboard Paint to Your Cubby House Door
Add Chalkboard Paint to Your Cubby House Door

2. Design Tip: Give them a place to keep their things

Our timber cubby houses are built to hold shelves!  You can find all sorts of shelving ideas to add to your cubby house.  This first photo comes from a customer who found the perfect storage with bucket style slide out trays from Ikea.

This last photo is actually from an Aarons cubby house that was styled and used in a KFC commercial in 2013. More photos from this commercial to follow.

Cubby House Shelving
Cubby House Shelving and Imaginative Play

3. Colour Scheme: Blue and White

Blue and White are our favourite colours!  We could be a little bias on this one… But I absolutely love this piccys from a customer of our who chose two Blues (a royal and a cyan shade) and paired them with a crisp white.  The inserts of the doors painted to match the letterbox provide a great accent feature.  They’ve chosen to add one of our blue and white curtain packs to seal the deal!

4. Colour Scheme: Shabby Chic

A Shabby Chic Cubby really would rule the town.  Girls and Boys will love playing in their country farmhouse inspired cubby house.  Add some modern touches with bright beachy colours like this gorgeous teal  and white cubby house.  Use thin brush strokes or mix your paint with water before use to get that weathered look.  Purchase your cubby house in the natural finnish and leave some of the trims raw.  These trims will go grey over time and add to your weather finnish.  Decorating this cubby is easy.  Hang some old jars or glass bottle from the ceiling with twine and let the kids pick flowers from the garden.  Beautiful.

Shabby Chic Cubby Designs

5. Design Tip: Additional Touches of Cubby Personalisation

Recently Kyle and Jackie O had a competition to “Pimp” two of our Townhouse cubbies. Kyle got one cubby to do up and Jackie O’s husband Lee got the other. Jackie O’s daughter, Kitty, then got to decide who’s cubby she liked best!

These cubbies both turned out great! A little girls paradise! Check out the inside of the white cubby painted, it looks like a shabby chic beach house. Very stylish for your childrens first home.

In case you’re wondering, Kitty chose the disco themed design by Kyle!

6. Colour Scheme: Classic yet Contemporary – Colour Scheme to Match the ‘Big’ House

For those that want their children’s cubbies to blend in with their house and backyard – look no further! These cubbies are great examples of ways you can give your children the cubby house of their dreams, while still complementing the house and backyard. These cubbies have all the classic features – swings, slides, steps, balconies – while also having a contemporary look. Both adults and children are sure to love these designs.

Sources: MyCubby, Pinterest, Ventura Homes


7. Colour Scheme: Shale Grey and White cubby house with country chic furnishings

Grey doesn’t have to be boring! This shale grey and white cubby house looks cute and modern, topped off with some flower pots and curtains. Complete the look with some country chic furnishings – think some white wooden chairs to match the fencing.

Painted Cubby House from Aarons Outdoor Living
Source: Pinterest


8. Colour Scheme: Boys Cubby House Paint Schemes and Designs

Sometimes, the boys just need somewhere to hang out and have a space to call their own. We love this design from Tinyme. Paint the cubby house a colour your sons will love. You can even add in some extra fun elements, such as a porch, a telescope and windows. Your son and his friends will be sure to spending much more time outdoors in his decorated cubby house!

Source: Laura Day Living


9. Colour Scheme: Rainbow Cubby Houses and Cubbies with Bright Trims and Features

Adding a bit of colour to your cubby house can really make it stand out. Bright blue, green, pink – whatever colour takes your fancy. If you can’t decide, you can choose to have bright trimmings instead of painting the entire cubby house. This cubby house stuck with a simple white for the exterior of the cubby house, with bright and bold wooden railings. This is topped off with a bright roof and slide. The rainbow colouring is sure to give the cubby a bit of extra wow factor.

Source: Ventura

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