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Aarons Certified Cubbies and Play Equipment for Early Learning Centres!

Looking for outdoor play equipment for your Early Learning Centre? From cubbies, forts, swing sets, sandpits, bridges, and imaginative play equipment, Aarons Outdoor’s range of educational outdoor play equipment has everything your childcare centre needs!

Educational play equipment can enhance a child’s outdoor play time and is essential to children’s development. They learn vital social skills including communication and empathy. When a child uses their imagination, they can put themselves in someone else’s shoes, exploring new roles and emotions. They also have to use problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.  In addition to brain power, muscle power is also built when outdoors climbing, crawling and swinging, helping develop key gross motor skills, which will lead the way for fine motor skills to develop.

Aarons range of educational play products are made with kid-friendly termite resistant timber, meaning they’re a best seller in Early Learning Centres throughout Australia.

Best of all, our timber and steel products have been certified to meet Australian Safety Standards AS4685 for your peace of mind. You can rest assured that our products not only meet rigorous safety standards but are using the best quality products, ensuring the longevity of your play equipment.

Think you need some play equipment at your Early Learning Centre? Aarons Educational Playground Equipment has got you covered.

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Our Educational Play Range includes:


Aarons cubbies are built with safety at the forefront of our minds. Our cubbies are safe and built-to-last, so children can enjoy them for years because we use the highest-grade materials in our manufacturing. Our cubbies come in two sizes with four height options and are fully customisable to suit your play area.

They come with a Colorbond roof, skylight, and anchor kit as standard but there is also a load of add-ons like climbing nets, slides, fire poles, ladders and more. The space is versatile, as kids can turn the cubby house into anything they want it to be for the day.

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A fort is considered a “must-have” for Early Learning Centres, and our forts are the ones you should have! Aarons forts are certified to Australian Safety Standards like the rest of our play equipment. Strong and durable materials are used to create elaborate forts that are the focal point of any playground.

Children stay both physically and mentally engaged while playing on a fort due to the wide range of activities. Kids can climb using a net or rock climbing and get a 360-view once on the top of the fort. They can take a slide or fire pole to get back down. No wonder they’re often the kids’ favourite!

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Swing Frames

The swings are always popular and kids will race for their chance to have a go. At Aarons, we offer two types of swing frames: timber and steel.
Our timber set is made from sturdy cypress pine. It measures 125mm x 125mm. They lock in-ground with steel plates, and diagonal support stays. There are swing hooks ready for swings to be attached.  Aarons steel swing frames are made with Australian galvanized steel and will last for years and can be powder coated in a range of bright colours.

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Imaginative Play Equipment

When it is outside playtime, kids aren’t just stepping into the outdoors, but also into their own imaginative world. Encourage this imaginative play with Aarons play equipment! Our certified equipment helps foster creative play safely, as we only use the highest-grade materials available that are never treated with harmful products and are extremely durable for years and years of play.

With our imaginative play equipment, kids can be a pirate then jump over to drive a train. They can also go exploring with up and over climbers, bridges, trestles and sandpits. Aarons huge range of educational play equipment will ensure kids will always be kept entertained and have fun in your playground!

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