Looking Back On How Decks Became A Backyard Must Have

Backyard decks are now a staple in Australian houses. After all, what better way is there to entertain friends and family with a meal or drinks than on your spacious deck? They are a great way to add a whole new spacious outdoor entertainment area to your property. They also make a great addition to pool areas or huts and thatches.

So how did the deck become so popular?

Backyards never used to be the outdoor entertainment area that they are today. In fact, right up until the 1960’s backyards were more commonly used for keeping livestock, including chickens, pigs, and even cows. Households were more self-sufficient, and as such relied heavily on their own livestock. You can imagine that the odor alone would cause the backyard to be a less than relaxing place to spend time. Relaxation also wasn’t a priority – families spent more time working or tending to livestock.

Thanks to changes in lifestyle and households becoming less self-contained, entertainment and relaxation became a leisure activity. People progressed from being reliant on their own animals to buying consumer goods at stores. This meant there was more time available for households to partake in and enjoy relaxation, particularly outdoors and in their own backyard. Animals, outhouses and vegetable patches were gradually replaced with entertainment including barbecues, pools, and decks. This change has seen the backyard turn from a place of work to a place of enjoyment and entertainment.
How did the deck come about? While there is no documentation of who invented the deck, there is evidence that suggests patios were used in ancient Israel. These would be in a courtyard or rooftop as a place for entertainment.
In modern times, decks started to become more popular in the 1980s when more households were considering expanding their living space. Since then, decks have continued to be altered in size and are used for a multitude of purposes.

Aarons Outdoor Living is able to help you transform your backyard by choosing the perfect deck for your house. Aarons decks come in five standard sizes, or we can even give a quote for custom sizes. Decks can be attached to your house or freestanding. They can also be added to existing decking, thatches, huts, home studios, and cubbies. Not only do decks look aesthetically pleasing, they also add value to your house. There’s really no reason not to invest in a deck for your house!  
Our decks are made of the highest quality timber, so it’s built to last. We used kiln-dried, arsenic-free treated pine that is long-lasting as well as aesthetically pleasing. As a premium option, we also offer Cumaru timber, which is a quality hardwood timber. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best quality products.
Installing a deck onto your house will instantly transform it into the outdoor entertainment area you’ve always imagined. Now you can spend endless nights outdoors with your family and friends on your new deck.  
You can trust the Australian owned Aarons Outdoor Living to help you choose and install the perfect deck for your house.

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