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  • Bali Huts

    • Variety of Sizes
    • Best Quality Alang Alang Grass
    • Waterproof
    • Reduces Heat by up-to 10 Degrees

Bali Huts For Backyards

Aarons Bali Huts; create a tropical oasis in your backyard.

Aarons Bali Huts will transform your backyard into a tropical & tranquil paradise.  We import the highest grade Alang Alang grass and use a solid timber frame to bring you the best Bali Hut on the market!  Your Bali Hut can be personalised with a range of options to suit any backyard, style or taste.

Aarons Bali Huts are completely waterproof.  Our 30-degree pitch roof frames ensures that water runs straight off the roof and away from your outdoor furniture. The natural grass roof allows air to flow through which will keep you warmer in winter and up to 10 degrees cooler in Summer. Wet the roof on really hot days to create an evaporative cooling effect.  When newly installed, the Alang Alang grass has a lovely fresh summer grass smell and when the wind gently moves the grasses, the relaxing, swishing sound will really make you feel like you’re really in paradise.

Sitting under an Aarons Bali Hut is the perfect place to entertain your friends and family outdoors or to escape the heat and sun when sitting by the pool. Add a deck for an even more stylish alfresco area or a beautiful Bali Umbrella for another focal point.  Bali Huts are also a great way cover and keep your spa or swim spa in top condition, without any moisture concerns, unlike a metal roof that captures the steam.

You can relax all year round with Aarons…

    • 25 years experience
    • 25 years experience
    • Market leaders
    • Market leaders
    • Australian owned
    • Australian owned
    • Highest grade materials
    • Highest grade materials
    • Pre-built panels for D.I.Y
    • Pre-built panels for D.I.Y
    • 12 months limited warranty
    • 12 months limited warranty
    • Step 1

      Choose the perfect size

      Aarons Bali Huts come in 5 standard sizes, but we can do every size in between. In fact, we can manufacture your Bali Hut as small or as large as you want! We offer free site inspections to work out your perfect size. Plus, don’t forget our ever popular Umbrella Thatch for the perfect poolside bar or entertaining area. We offer free site inspections to work out your perfect size, so submit an enquiry below to gain a detailed quote.

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    • 3m x 3m

      3m x 3m pictured with a deck

      Starting from $2999

      3m x 4m

      3m x 4m pictured with a deck

      Starting from $3499

      3m x 5m

      3m x 5m pictured without a deck

      Starting from $3999

      4m x 4m

      4m x 4m pictured with a deck

      Starting from $4499

      4m x 5m

      4m x 5m pictured with a deck

      Starting from $4,999

      Umbrella - 2.5m Diameter

      Umbrella pictured with Thatch Table and Chairs

      Starting from $1999

      Images show optional extras

    • Step 2

      Add a Deck

      Deck includes solid subfloor structure and comes with 90mm wide, kiln dried, arsenic free, treated pine decking.

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    • With a Deck

      with a deck

      Starting from $4499

      Without a Deck

      without a deck

      Starting from $2999

      Images show optional extras

    • Step 3

      Customise with Options

      Build your ideal Bali Hut with all of our customisation options!

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    • Thatch Table & Chairs

      Thatch Table & Chairs. Umbrella additional.

      Starting from $1495

      Hardwood Decking

      Upgrade to Hardwood Decking

      Starting from $50 per m2

      Larger Posts

      Square Cypress Posts in 140mm or 185mm, or 200mm Treated Pine Rounds

      Starting from $100 - 300 ea



      Starting from $400



      Starting from $300

      Powder Coated Stirrups

      Powder Coated Stirrups

      Starting from $150ea

      Manila Rope - 2m or 6m

      Manila Rope 2m or 6m - Your Bali Hut Includes 900mm long rope for each posts

      Starting from $50

      Terracotta Crown

      Terracotta Crown

      Starting from $150

      Images show optional extras

    • Step 4

      Choose Your Finish

      Choose between three classy finishes: Natural or Golden Cedar Stained

      Visit your local store to see our stain in action on our displays.


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    • Natural

      Natural Finish

      Cedar Stained

      Cedar Stained Finish

      Starting from $500-$1,400

      Images show optional extras

    • Delivery & Installation

      We offer a comprehensive delivery and installation service with our team of professional installers.  Submit a product enquiry below to gain an installation quote based on your Bali Hut size and location.  Alternatively we do supply easy-to-follow instructions for D.I.Y. installation.

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      • FAQs

        Are Aarons Bali Huts waterproof?

        Yes.  We use the highest quality Balinese Alang-Alang grass available & ensure a 30° pitch to allow the water to flow straight off your thatch and away from your entertaining area.

        Are Aarons Bali Huts Freestanding?

        They can be.  If you are choosing to add a deck, they are freestanding.  Without a deck, your thatch will need to be either concreted into the ground or bolted with stirrups to an existing slab.

        How long will the thatching last?

        Our thatches are durable and waterproof, but the length they will last will be dependent on the natural elements your thatch is exposed to on a daily basis. A general time will be around 5 years, but some will still be in great condition in 10+ years. The grass on the exterior of your thatching will naturally begin to fade within a year of installation.

        Can I purchase the thatching separately?

        Yes.  The Bali grass comes in 2.7m lengths, 2m or 3m hips for the corners and a headpiece for the top.

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