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  • Studios

    • Colorbond Roof - Choice of Colours
    • 2.1m high walls - 90mm framing
    • Treated Pine (Arsenic Free)
    • Wall & roof sisalation

Aarons Studios – The perfect backyard solution to your storage needs, when a permit isn’t required.

Aarons Studios are a quick and easy solution to your space problems.  Whether it’s a games room, teenage hangout or just some extra storage space, an Aarons Studio will add value to your property, and your lifestyle.  With studios ranging from 8sqm up to 23sqm, and starting from a low $7,999, we can build your Studio for any purpose. Our panel design makes it easy to customise and take full creative control of your Aarons Studio.  Complete with wall and roof sisalation, to regulate moisture and reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss.  And the best bit – you can have your Studio installed in your backyard within two days! See the quick install process here!

Ask for a free site inspection to see whether a Studio is the right option for your extra space needs.

In many cases in NSW/ACT, backyard structures up to 20m2 don’t require a building permit, so our Studios are a very cost-effective option.  But always check with your local council, see: or to see whether you are eligible for an exempt development, or refer to our permits information page for more information.

View Studio Range

    • 25 years experience
    • 25 years experience
    • Market leaders
    • Market leaders
    • Australian owned
    • Australian owned
    • Highest grade materials
    • Highest grade materials
    • Pre-built panels for D.I.Y
    • Pre-built panels for D.I.Y
    • 12 months limited warranty
    • 12 months limited warranty
    • Step 2

      Add a Verandah

      Our classic verandah will add style and outdoor space to your Studio. Providing not only protection from the harsh Australian climate, but somewhere to relax in the comfort of your backyard.

      Choose between 1.3m (great landing space and room for bench seating) or 2.0m (great afternoon tea spot with a little more room to move) wide deck.

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    • With Verandah

      Starting from $9,749

      With Gable End Verandah

      Starting from $8,999

      Without Verandah

      Starting from $7,999

      Images show optional extras

    • Step 3

      Choose Your Finish

      Choose from natural or stained finishes; or take creative control and paint your own colour scheme!

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    • Natural

      Natural Study Studio with Verandah


      Stained Highlander Studio with Verandah

      Starting from $1,000

      Paint Your Own Colour Scheme

      Painted Handyman Studio with Verandah

      Images show optional extras

    • Step 4

      Customise with Options

      Exercise full autonomy by adding any extras to any and all of your available panels. Leave an enquiry if you need some help with customising your Aarons Studio to perfection!

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    • Solid Timber House Door

      Solid Timber House Door Your Studio will include one as standard. Solid timber with Meranti frame

      Starting from $500

      Glass Sliding Door

      Glass Sliding Door 2100mm (h) x 1500mm (w)

      Starting from $900

      Timber French Doors

      Timber French Doors An elegant upgrade to suit your style

      Starting from $1,500

      Steel Framed Double Doors

      Steel Framed Double Doors Ideal for access of bulky items

      Starting from $200

      Extra Large Window

      Extra Large Window 1800mm (h) x 1200mm (w)

      Starting from $750

      Large Window

      Large Window 900mm (h) x 1200mm (w)

      Starting from $500

      Frosted Window

      Frosted Window 500mm (h) x 600mm (w)

      Starting from $450

      Window Box

      Window Box Dress up your Studio with herbs and flowers

      Starting from $85ea


      Flyscreen Keep insects out

      Starting from $60ea


      Balustrades Perfect to enclose part of your verandah

      Starting from $250ea


      Steps Up to 400mm out of level (single or double door width)

      Starting from $300


      Ramp Built on site to suit your needs

      Starting from $400

      Images show optional extras

    • Delivery & Installation

      We offer a comprehensive delivery and installation service with our team of professional installers.  Submit a product enquiry below to gain an installation quote based on your studio size and location.  Alternatively we do supply easy-to-follow instructions for D.I.Y. installation.

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      • FAQs

        Do the studios need to be dug into the ground and concreted?

        No. We have designed our Studios to be free standing sitting on 90mm x 90mm stumps and 240mm x 45mm sole plates.
        *If you have sandy, soft or unstable ground we would recommend concreting and we can add this to your install – please contact us for a quote.

        What is Sisalation Paper?

        Sisalation Paper is a foil insulation material which helps regulate moisture, reduces summer heat gain and winter heat loss.  We use sisalation paper on the inside of the studio walls and roofs to ensure you the best quality backyard studio.

        Does my studio come standard with a window or door?

        We include one of our high-quality solid house doors, but do not include a window.  This allows you the freedom to choose from our window options listed above.  You can change your door option or add a second.

        The site where the studio is going is unlevel, does that matter?

        In most cases, no.  The standard studio posts are supplied at 600mm and are able to accommodate a fall of up to 400mm.  However, we can provide posts to the extreme length of 2450mm to accommodate a steep fall.  If you have a steep fall, we’d recommend a free site inspection.

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