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  • Workshops

    • Engineered Class 10a Structure
    • 2.4m High Structural Walls
    • Treated Pine (Arsenic Free)
    • Wall & roof sisolation

Aarons Workshops; build a retreat in your backyard!

Aarons Workshops have been designed in-house to meet market demand for those needing a complex solution to their need for extra space!  Looking for a simple space solution and not looking to meet council regulations?  Try our Studio range.

Our Workshops are engineered to meet council and building regulations.  They qualify for a Class 10a certificate which will increase your property’s value and versatility.  Our Workshops serve a range of purposes including extra storage, backyard rooms & timber workshops.  They come in a large range of standard sizes and you can personalise your Workshop with a variety of options and window/door locations.

At Aarons, we have an in-house team who can take care of the entire Building Permit process for you, from carrying out an initial site inspection, to providing engineered drawings, all the way through to final certification.  The process can take between 8 and 16 weeks, depending on your individual situation.  Our fee covers standard costs associated with gaining a Building Permit for a Class 10a structure.  For more information on Building Permit costs, inclusions and recommendations, please see our detailed permits information page.

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    • 22 years experience
    • 22 years experience
    • Market leaders
    • Market leaders
    • Australian owned
    • Australian owned
    • Highest grade materials
    • Highest grade materials
    • Pre-built panels for D.I.Y
    • Pre-built panels for D.I.Y
    • 12 months limited warranty
    • 12 months limited warranty
    • Step 2

      Add a Verandah

      Our classic verandahs add style and space to your Workshop. Providing not only protection from the sun and rain, but somewhere to relax in the comfort of your backyard.

      Choose between 1.3m (great landing space and room for bench seating) or 2.0m (great afternoon tea spot with a little more room to move) wide deck.

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    • With Verandah

      Starting from $10,495

      With Gable-End Verandah

      Starting from $1,500 extra

      Without Verandah

      Starting from $8,995

      Images show optional extras

    • Delivery & Installation

      We offer a comprehensive delivery and installation service with our team of professional installers.  Submit a product enquiry below to gain an installation quote based on your workshop size and location.  Alternatively we do supply easy-to-follow instructions for D.I.Y. installation.

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      • FAQs

        What is the difference between an Aarons Studio and an Aarons Workshop?
        An Aarons Workshop has been engineered to meet tough council guidelines and is permissible as a Class 10a structure.  Our Studios on the other hand will not pass a permit application and are only appropriate in council areas where a permit is not required.  Please refer to your council guidelines.  See our Permits Information page for more.

        Are Workshops Insulated?
        Yes.  We use sisolation paper insulate on the inside of our walls and roofs to help regulate moisture, reduce summer heat and winter cold.  Workshops do not include full insulation bats, however the stud walls are the correct depth to add this.

        My property is unlevel, does that matter?
        The posts are supplied at 600mm and are able to accommodate a fall of up to 400mm.  However we can provide posts to the extreme length of 2450mm to accommodate any amount of fall.

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