Spa Testimonials

Spa Testimonials

  • We would have no hesitation in recommending Aarons Spas to anyone at all.

    The team was warm, friendly, outgoing and their knowledge of these spas was outstanding with no pressure put on us at all. The ongoing customer service of Aarons Spas with any questions are dealt with professionally, promptly and with a smile. The product and service was exceptional.

    Murray & Faye
  • We would like to give the 'thumbs up' after purchasing our Aarons Spa.

    Having checked out other brands, we felt the features of the Aarons Spas spa to be of great comparative value. The communication was excellent, as we pre-ordered 6 months before delivery.

  • We are really enjoying our new Aarons Spas spa!

    We can’t get the kids out of it! We took the girls hiking last weekend for a day on the snow... Bit of a hike up carrying gear and the little one! Tired legs and aching muscles for all... What a Perfect way to end the day, so relaxing!

    The Manu Family
  • Loving our new spa! Enjoying the sunsets every night!

    We love ending our day with a soak and seeing our beautiful night sky. It's been fabulous, we're thrilled with our new spa. Cheers to the team at Aarons Spas.

  • The spa is super comfy with plenty of room for everyone and its the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work.

    Thanks, Aarons Spas for the fantastic spa, we are thoroughly enjoying it and as you can see by the pictures it's an absolute hit with the kids! From our initial enquiry through to the delivery and aftercare the team have been awesome and we couldn't be happier.  Thanks again for the amazing spa and your advice and support. We highly recommend Aarons Spas!!

  • Just loving having our spa! Thanks so much.

    When we saw the spa at the home show we knew it was the one for us! It fits so well into our garden oasis. The set up was so easy, great service, really efficient and great value.

    Patsy & Michael
  • We are using it almost daily, really enjoy it and so has most of the neighbourhood kids!

    We recently had our new Aarons Spas spa delivered, the team at Aarons Spas were very helpful and accommodating. The spa is great quality and the lockable cover gives me significant peace of mind! Buying it we were worried that it was an impulse buy, but it’s been the opposite.

    Mika And Tony
  • We couldn’t find a single other spa that was that well priced.

    We’ve always wanted to give the kids a pool and have a spa to relax in, however pools were expensive and needed too many council consents. ​We were impressed with what the Maldives Spa offered for the price.

    Sam & Dinu
  • We love our new spa!

    Much more comfortable than our old pool. The delivery man was extremely helpful and friendly. Aarons Spas have been brilliant with their help and advice on getting our spa set up correctly. We couldn't be happier.

  • We love our first ever spa!

    We purchased it from the team. They helped us choose the right spa for our family as you can see with our grandson. It was delivered and put in place by a very professional sales manager who answered all our questions and helped set the spa up. Would thoroughly recommend Aarons Spas. Thanks Guys.

    Tony & Delma
  • We hop into our spa every day and it has been one of my best investments yet.

    Thank you Aarons Spas for our new spa! I have to say Aarons Spas customer service and communication is amazing, the follow up phone calls to make sure we were all set up and things were going well was great, as I did have questions.  I love coming home and getting into the spa feeling relaxed after the awesome neck massager has worked it's magic. Couldn't be without our spa.

  • We are really enjoying the spa, it's a great way to relax at the end of a day.

    We had thought about getting a spa pool for many years and when friends of ours recommended Aarons Spas we finally bit the bullet and purchased one. The whole process from sale to delivery was effortless and well communicated. Our spa was ready well within the timeframe we were told and delivered within a couple days of being ready. It came with everything we needed to get going and was ready for use within a few hours of being plugged in. The staff at Aarons Spas have been super helpful in answering all the questions we have had along with supplying additional items like filters and plugs.

  • Once we found a beautiful 5 seater spa, that was extremely well priced and the Aarons Spas team offered us a wealth of knowledge, it was the easiest decision we've made.

    Our family had decided to purchase a spa and our choice was made a lot easier when stumbling on the Aarons Spas spa. Previously, we had been to 2 or 3 other spa companies and had been less than impressed with the sales staff and the quality of the spas themselves.  Their delivery team delivered the spa in perfect condition and also explained how to connect and operate the spa.

  • We are obsessed with our new spa!

    We are in it most nights, it's a perfect way to unwind and destress at the end of a busy day. Aarons Spas staff at were very professional and knowledgeable. We also love the fact that our spa is made here and comes at a great price with no hidden cost unlike some others.

  • We have had our spa since December and LOVE it! We have two under two so it is great for some much needed relaxation.

    Our daughter loves water so the spa is her new favourite. She could be in there for hours. The quality is great and it looks amazing on our deck. We are very pleased with our purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aarons Spas to friends and family.

  • We are very happy with the spa looks great and gets plenty of use, in fact I jump into it before I go to work every day, can't beat that.

    The Shotter Family
  • A quality product at a great price.

    The sales team was informative and we liked the fact they are made using materials that will withstand our coastal environment. One key feature we also love is not having to use chlorine.

    Hamish & Sonia
  • Spiritual Getaway

    What a wonderful space for a spiritual spa/bath! Great work Aaron's Outdoor Living. Love it. Can't wait to plumb in the waterfall taps and to indulge with a glass of champagne. It's a Japanese inspired garden bath house! Absolutely love it! A beautiful creation...am so chuffed....thank you, Mark , Tim, and Steve from Geelong 🙂

    Heather K
  • The spa looks great, is a perfect size for our family of five, and the maintenance and upkeep is very self explanatory and easy.

    We bought our Aarons Spa and have been extremely happy with everything so far. Whilst the delivery into the desired area in our pool section was not easy, the Aarons Spa team were very helpful over the Xmas period to aid with the installation. All in all we are very happy with our new spa and the team at Aarons Spas have been very attentive since to make sure that it is all working well and we are happy with our purchase.

  • Thank you Aarons Spas....we are rapt and so too are our friends!

    Aarons Spas ticked all the boxes and more. Knowing that an after sales service is just a phone call away for spa novices such as ourselves, is an added bonus. We can't speak highly enough of our dealings with the team!

    Karen & Mike
  • Thanks Aarons Spas, I am happy and more importantly my wife is also happy with our fantastic spa!

    The purchasing process was so easy and once unpacked it was a simple matter of filling and plugging the spa in and letting the water heat. By 8am the following morning the spa was ready for use. The team at Aarons Spas answered all my ‘silly’ questions without hesitation, even down to the little things like "do I add chemicals initially, or wait for it to heat up?". Nothing was too hard for them, for which I am truly grateful. I even had a follow up call a couple of days later to ensure all was well with the spa - awesome service!

  • We would certainly recommend Aarons Spas to our friends.

    We recently purchased one of your spas. After looking at the competitors spas, we decided on an Aarons Spa, as not only you offered the best package but most importantly for us, it was Aussie made. The guys were very helpful and arranged our delivery and an extra person to set up on site. We have used our spa everyday since installation and my wife no longer has sore or aching legs.

    Penny & Andrew
  • We absolutely love our Aarons Spa, it not only looks amazing but is also a huge step up from our previous spa.

    This spa is deeper than our last, the jets are fantastic and my husband loves his 'disco lights'! The water is always crystal clear, also Stephen was an excellent salesperson, delivery man and was great with his follow up. We highly recommend Aarons Spas to everyone.

    Nigel & Maria
  • We wanted a spa big enough to relax and exercise in, all year round.

    We purchased our spa after meeting the team. The Aarons Spa was ideal. In the colder months we have it at 36-38 degrees and now the weather is warmer, at 27-30. We have used it every day since having it installed (set down into a deck that we seldom used in the past). Stephen has been very helpful, the delivery and installation process went smoothly. We believe it is great value for money and expect to get many years of enjoyment from our purchase.

    Allan & Lynne
  • Our first spa and it is a beauty!

    We looked at Aarons Spas the guys were very helpful and friendly. We didn't say yes straight away and went and looked at another site at the show that had spas but the Aarons Spas deal was so good we couldn't turn it down. Delivery was straight forward and set up easy. We have been using the spa every night and we are loving it! Thanks Aarons Spas - highly recommend!


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