Make a statement with our range of wraparound cubbies, designed to accommodate growing bodies and evolving interests.

The Taj Mahal is a backyard favourite, showcasing a wraparound verandah plus space for all our attachments. With 5.06m² of internal space, the Taj Mahal offers ample space for tea parties and adventures.

If you’re after the royal standard of all cubby houses, then look no further than The Kingdom Cubby! There is no better or BIGGER cubby available in Australia.

Internally, The Kingdom is 2.4m wide and 3.4m long – giving you a whopping 8.16m² of internal space – not much smaller than a standard bedroom! Then there’s the glorious wraparound verandah adding even more play space, loads of style and a whole lot of WOW.

Our range of wraparound verandahs come with the space to add all your favourite attachments including, Aarons patented slide, rock wall + scramble.

Our cubbies come standard with all the premium quality options you’d expect from Aarons who have 25 years experience building Cubbies including sliding perspex windowsUV protected skylight, your choice of COLORBOND® steel colours, hardwood trim features and up to a 1500mm elevation height. Our cubbies are built using 100% Australian Greenguard treated sustainable timber and come with a 12 month warranty.

Using our step-by-step guide, you can customise your cubby to suit your backyard and your budget. Or Skip to Calculator to go directly to pricing.


Choose your perfect size

How much space do you have available for your cubby? Measure the length and width to determine the best size for your backyard. The options below are specific to our Wraparound Range. We have 11 style of cubbies to choose from to ensure you are getting the best option that works with your space, budget and style.


Add an elevation kit

Consider what your kids will love now and as they grow older. Lower elevations will extend play beyond the cubby itself to the surrounding landscape. Higher elevations are more physically challenging and encourage adventurous, energetic play.


Add attachments

Get your kids involved to Choose their Own Adventure. Pick any 3 attachments for 900, 1200 or 1500mm elevations, included in your package price.


Add accessories

Let your kids get busy with accessories to encourage imagination and develop fine motor skills.


Create a Combo

Whether it’s to keep an eye on the kids or take advantage of the cool breeze, our open layout forts can be combined with any of our enclosed cubbies with a combo bridge for the best of both worlds. Our team can assist with Creating your Combo.


Quote your cubby

After something smaller?

After something different?

Get back in touch with your sales team and let us personalise something to suit your size + budget.

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Why Buy an Aarons Cubby?

With over 25 years of history in building cubbies, we know what your kids want as much as you do!

Safety First

Safety First

Your kids are beyond precious and deserve their playhouse to be as safe as home. Painstakingly considered and intricately designed, our cubbies are built with a Colorbond steel roof, UV protected skylight, and construction grade, weather protected yellow tongue flooring.

Standard Features

Standard Features

With extra head height (1900mm) to give parents easy access, and no weight limits, it’s safe for everyone to play together. Our cubbies are built using 100% Australian Greenguard treated sustainable timber, sliding Perspex windows, and stable doors with double sided knobs for easy access.

Deliver + Install

Deliver + Install

You will love coming home to your brand-new Aarons cubby without having to lift a finger. There’s a lot involved in putting together a heavy duty, customised cubby house, and our in-house install teams are experts in bringing your cubby to life. You can rest assured that your new masterpiece is safe, with every piece secured in the right place!

OUR Wraparound Cubbies in YOUR Backyard

Your Beliefs, Our Values

Living your best life outdoors is good for you and super fun.
It’s also serious business to us.



Our Sustainable Timber breathes on the ground thanks to our arsenic-free, low VOC treatment. We source materials locally, and re-home your well-loved pieces, which reduces everyone’s carbon footprint.

Australian made

Australian made

All timber products made in Australia using Australian materials purchased from Australian suppliers. We only import what we can’t source here. Our businesses are Australian owned and operated.

Built to last

Built to last

Each end product is lovingly designed and crafted by hand with longevity in mind. Our products have been around for 25 years and are passed down to the next generation of homeowners and family.

Love outside

Love outside

Your family and friends connect, laugh and love outdoors. Everything we do encourages and nurtures that bond. We are  passionate about moving away from screens and giving our kids room to grow… Step Outside

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