Granny Flats

Your Home Needs to Step Up

Your home is wonderful, but needs to work harder to house your family. Our Granny Flat range is designed with all the creature comforts you have in your big house to handle your changing family needs.

Safe as Houses

Every member of your family deserves a safe haven. Our structures come with a 6-year builder’s warranty, fully engineered to Class 1a standards.

Affordable and Easy

Don’t want to spend all the kid’s inheritance or education fund? Our Granny Flat packages ensure that you get everything you need whilst maintaining family harmony. Our designs have been pre-engineered, so we can fast-track your approval process.

All the Mod-Cons

If you think living in a smaller home is a compromise, think again. Our Granny Flats are thoughtfully designed for those with high standards of living to let you live the life you always have.

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Choosing your Granny Flat


Your Perfect Size

Our huge range of sizes are sure to suit your needs and those of your garden, whether its a paddock or a postage stamp.


Add a Verandah


Add your Personality


Finish it Off


What is the difference between an Aarons Workshop and an Aarons Granny Flat?

An Aarons Workshop has been engineered to meet tough council guidelines and is permissible as a Class 10a (Shed) structure. Our Granny Flats are the same as our Workshops, but with electrical, plaster, wall and ceiling insulation as standard. A Granny Flat requires a Class 1A permit (Habitable Dwelling).

Are Granny Flats Insulated?

Yes.  We use sisolation paper insulate on the inside of our walls and ceiling to help regulate moisture, reduce summer heat and winter cold. Granny Flats also include full insulation to floor, walls and ceiling.

My property is unlevel, does that matter?

The posts are supplied at 600mm and are able to accommodate a fall of up to 400mm.  However we can provide posts to the extreme length of 2450mm to accommodate any amount of fall.

Nice to know

Aarons Granny Flats – A flexible and affordable backyard living space.

It’s a sign of the times. Family situations are changing. More kids are choosing to stay at home due to extravagant house prices, high rents or pursuing their dreams through education. Even parents are choosing to live with their children, either through downsizing or for a bit more support in their later years. People are choosing to work from home for more work/life balance.
With the cost of housing likely to continue increasing, more and more home owners are looking at ways to extend and take advantage of their existing properties as a way to accommodate changing needs within their household.

An Aarons Granny Flat is the affordable solution to adding extra living space to your existing property.

With various styles and sizes available, they have been designed with YOU in mind. You decide on the layout and inclusions based on your individual requirements and property needs. Our Granny Flats are perfect as a teenage retreat, rumpus room, home office, art studio, she-shed, man-cave, study, music room, yoga space, pool house, guest sleep-out…whatever purpose you have been dreaming of!

All Granny Flats come with electricals and plastering as standard, plus additional options available including internal painting, flooring, internal walls, bathroom and kitchenette. With the assistance of Zip Money on purchases up to $30,000 (including fees), you can get a Granny Flat installed and have a low weekly repayment, possibly less than the cost of renting whilst adding value to your property.

Aarons Granny Flats are fully engineered and certified to meet all relevant building codes and have a complete product and installation warranty.

From the first stage of enquiry, Aarons offers a hassle-free full service solution. We will arrange a site visit, develop the design, create the quotation, can apply for the required permit and building contracts and keep you informed through the whole process. With pre-built modular panels, Aarons Cabins and Granny Flats are a much faster solution, getting your Granny Flat constructed quickly, with limited interruptions to your property and lifestyle.

An Aarons Granny Flat can increase the value of your property, boost your living areas, enhance your backyard and enrich your lifestyle.

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Our services

We know you’re clever and can do all sorts of things yourself.
But if and when you need it, we can offer all sorts of help.

Deliver + Install

Deliver + Install

You will love coming home to your brand-new Aarons product without having to lift a finger. There is a reason that most of our customers choose this service – it’s cost effective and hassle free.

Site Inspections

Site Inspections

Gripped with indecision? Spoilt for choice? Good news – you get to decide on the backyard of your dreams IN your own backyard. Our Site Inspectors are well-trained to hold our sample kits, tape measure, and your hand all at the same time.



You know you love it. Zip Money offers our customers finance up to $50,000 for everyday purchases. For those looking at a more serious makeover, we have a specialised broker to help release your equity and increase the value of your home.



Special spaces deserve special attention. Our in-house Landscape Architect can design your dream backyard makeover. We also have a specialist team who design Playscapes for the Childcare and Commercial playground market.

Your Beliefs, Our Values

Living your best life outdoors is good for you and super fun.
It’s also serious business to us.



Our Sustainable Timber breathes on the ground thanks to our arsenic-free, low VOC treatment. We source materials locally, and re-home your well-loved pieces, which reduces everyone’s carbon footprint.

Australian made

Australian made

All timber products made in Australia using Australian materials purchased from Australian suppliers. We only import what we can’t source here. Our businesses are Australian owned and operated.

Built to last

Built to last

Each end product is lovingly designed and crafted by hand with longevity in mind. Our products have been around for 25 years and are passed down to the next generation of homeowners and family.

Love outside

Love outside

Your family and friends connect, laugh and love outdoors. Everything we do encourages and nurtures that bond. We are  passionate about moving away from screens and giving our kids room to grow… Step Outside

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