Pet Houses

Pamper your Pet

As much as we want to hang with our babies, our beloved pets need an outdoor space to sleep, play, and be cute.

Ball of Fluff, Feathers or Scales?

We don’t discriminate, and we have something for your beloved, whether they have four legs, two legs or no legs (even snakes – yikes!). Our pet houses are adaptable, with a range of options to suit your furry friend.

Pets are like their Pet Owners

Give your Mini-Me a home that suits their personality. Choose from natural, stained, painted, and all 22 Colorbond TM roof colours.

One Eye on History

You can rest assured that your favourite bundle of love is surrounded by 25 years of history. Aarons Outdoor started as a dog kennel business, so we know what makes your pet or dog house a pet home.

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    Choosing your Pet House


    Aarons Dog Kennels

    1120mm (w) x 1420mm (l) x 1000mm (h) Labrador, Border Collie

    1300mm (w) x 1570mm (l) x 1200mm (h) Up to 2 big dogs – Rottweiler, Bullmastiff

    *Sizes are fully assembled, including roof overhang.


    Chook House / Cat Enclosure / Bird Aviary

    Provide a safe enclosure for your pets with our premium multi-purpose pet house. Complement your garden setting with a natural and attractive design, with the highest standard for strength, durability and safety for your ease of mind.

    Medium*: 1700mm (w) x 1800mm (l) x 2100mm (h)

    Large*: 1700mm (w) x 3600mm (l) x 2100mm (h)

    *Sizes are fully assembled, including roof overhang.

    Nice to know

    Aarons Pet Houses offer your beloved furry/feathered family members a home for life. We offer our Dog Kennels in 2 great sizes and also a versatile Chook House / Cat Enclosure / Bird Aviary.

    Our stylish timber dog kennels will add charm and value to your garden as well as provide a warm and comfortable bed for your furry family member. The treated pine timber used on our kennels is durable against termites and the roughest of dogs, as well as being environmentally and pet friendly. Complement your garden setting with a natural, attractive design, with the highest standards for durability and safety for your peace of mind.

    Aarons Dog Kennels
    Built to last! Same design as our largest structures

    • Made from arsenic free treated pine with Australian Hardwood Trims
    • Removable Colorbond roof for easy access and cleaning
    • Generously sized with off-set door
    • Raised waterproof floor

    Aarons Chook House / Cat Enclosure / Bird Aviary
    Provide a safe enclosure for your pets with our premium multi-purpose pet house.

    • Made from arsenic free treated pine with Australian Hardwood Trims
    • Gable Colorbond roof
    • Nesting boxes & perches optional
    • Sleeping area
    • Stable door with pad bolt

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    Australian made

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