Give your thatch a holiday

We all show the signs of wear and tear as we get older, and your thatch is no different! We can breathe new life into your outdoor space with our end-to-end service.

Insurance Work

Inclement weather is a big factor in the deterioration of your thatch. In some cases, the damage is claimable on your home insurance policy. We are the preferred supplier for many insurance underwriters, providing detailed expert quotations to your insurance company.

Any size or shape

Thatches come in different shapes and sizes, and we have experience with each one! We will come to you to check your structure and personalise our service to your needs.

Quality Materials and Installers

To bring your structure back to new, our specialist installers only use our high quality Alang Alang (Bali) grass and Cape Reed (African) tiles.

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    How long does thatching last?

    Our thatches are durable and waterproof, but the length they will last will be dependent on the natural elements your thatch is exposed to on a daily basis. A general time will be around 5 years, but some will still be in great condition in 10+ years. You will most likely begin to see discolouration on the exterior of your thatching a year after installation.

    Can I remove the existing thatching myself?

    While removing the thatching yourself can be something of an undertaking, it is something that you can do if you wish. If you decide against doing it yourself, our skilled experts will be happy to take care of the job for you.

    Do I absolutely need to rethatch my roof, or is the benefit just cosmetic?

    It is true that rethatching will have your outdoor area looking gorgeous, but that isn’t the only reason to get it done. A rethatched roof will keep the structure in tip top shape so that you can enjoy a cosmetically beautiful, and foundationally sound hut for many years to come.

    Nice to know

    Is your thatched roof weather damaged, leaking or tattered from pesky wildlife, and in need of some TLC?

    Aarons Outdoor can revitalise your hut and have it looking like new again. Our team of re-thatching specialists are fully equipped to provide maintenance or a complete re-thatch to your hut, gazebo or pergola. And better still, in the majority of cases, you can claim the cost of your rethatch on your home insurance policy! Don’t trust any general handyman – ask the market leaders to transform your thatch with a long lasting, durable, quality finish that will last many years to come.

    Choose to rethatch in our quality Alang Alang Bali Grass or African Cape Reed tiles. Thatching is unique in that it both cools and heats. During the hot summer months, it maintains a daytime temperature that is lower than other roofing that doesn’t allow much air to pass through (such as tin, corrugated iron, roof tiles etc). You can even drop the temperature further by wetting your thatched roof, which will then provide an evaporative cooling effect. So if you have an existing outdoor area that needs a new roof, before you consider replacing it with the same product, consider replacing it with thatching.

    And apart from the practical reasons to re-thatch, a re-thatch will enhance the appearance of your backyard.

    If you are wanting to sell your home, invest in a re-thatch to reinforce to potential buyers why your home is the perfect one for them. On the other hand, you might have moved into a new home that features an existing hut, that by re-thatching, will reinvigorate your new backyard, so that your family can begin making memories in your new outdoor living space.

    Quality thatching, like the options we offer at Aarons Outdoor, is designed to last, but unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Eventually, even the best thatching is going to need replacement. When that time comes, our experts are available to help you get your backyard looking great again, which you and your family deserve.

    It is important to understand how your thatch will wear over time. Both styles of thatching will shed, as they are natural styles of roofing. This will lessen over time, and will be most obvious within the first 6 months of installation. It will fit right into your garden as you take care of the other living things around your thatch!

    What’s next? Contact your nearest location with the details of your current thatch hut, including internal & external photos and dimensions of the roof that needs repair. Aarons will then happily forward a detailed quote for your consideration, or which can be forwarded to your insurer.

    For more information about our thatch roofing, view our thatch maintenance information page.

    What our customers say

    • Studio Dream

      Aaron, Thank you for the construction of my Studio Space for me to run my Studio from.  The guys did a great job and do you credit.  They even helped me move in my desks and computer Rack and filing cabinet, as well as build an excellent space. There is still electrics, insulation, plaster boarding and then the larger work of setting up the workspace so I can operate out of there, but seeing this installed helps to provide a picture of my possible future. And this is good.

      John, Martha & Christopher H
    • Cabin Envy

      I have recently had a cabin built at home  It was built while I was overseas but have just returned home and seen the result.  It looks great and your guys have done a great job so thanks very much. I have had a few friends and neighbours around looking at it so wouldnn't be surprised if you get another couple of orders from out this way!!!! I found the whole process from initially meeting up with Polly to the end result very hassle free and friendly together with great assistance and willingness to help being very evident. Thanks again, I will certainly recommend you guys in the future.

      Allan BStrathpine Store
    • Would not hesitate to recommend Aarons Outdoor Living

      After doing a fair amount of research we decided to build our new outdoor studio with Aarons Outdoor Living at Windsor Gardens. I must admit that I was a little concerned at first when I read some of the reviews from people in other States around Australia regarding workmanship and lack of follow up from management.However, upon first impressions, Peter from the South Australian branch put my fears at ease. He was personable, listened and responded to our vision, and provided his own insight and expertise into our project.Although hesitant, we went with our gut feeling and decided to take a chance, which may seem foolish to some, but hindsight has confirmed our gut feeling was right.I am unable to make any comments regarding the reviews in other states, but I can say, with confidence that the work quality and work ethic from all those at Arrons in Adelaide South Australia was first class. Communication was fantastic and any issues or concerns were handled promptly. They went above and beyond. The final product was to a high standard and Jason and Michael (Construction) were always prompt and their onsite manner was very professional.Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to build in the area. Well done and thank you to the team at Aarons Outdoor living,

      I'm thrilled to bits with my new studio! Pete, thank you and your lads for such an excellent job.I'm thrilled to bits with my new studio, and am gradually filling it to bursting, and also the garden shed! I'm sitting at my computer right now, with a pleasant view of flowers in my window box, hanging baskets, and blue sky and trees over the road. Lovely! Thanks again for your advice and expertise. Ray Tyndale SA Thanks for your email and all your and Sam’s help getting this done, you two have been so easy to deal with through the whole process, the other people I contacted for just quotes before coming to you were just difficult! Jason and Max were great too, I was here today for the first time all week and Jason was great this morning, he spent the first 15 minutes walking me through why certain things were
    • Great customer service, great product - A big thank you to Aarons

      Shakara is so excited and happy with her studio room, which you entitled Shakara's Costume Design Office (I might even get a sign made up of that 🙂 I have installed temporary lighting, so we are not limited to daylight hours to be in there, designing what will go where, and how to set things up. I have already purchased and installed (myself) hard wearing vinyl flooring today. Jason and Mike were great workers, and a credit to your company. To be out in that weather, with the wind and drizzle, a radio playing, working away was customer service above and beyond. (and their choice of music was great too). They keep me up to date on where they were at with the installation, where they were going, when they would be back and even played ball with the dog during smoko.It goes without saying, or even having to ask that I will be putting up a review or two or three. And will definitely putting a post up on facebook.Thanks again for your great customer service, great product and the ease at which I was able to achieve this new work space, and retain my sanity.

      Joanne Para Hills West
    • I'm thrilled to bits with my new studio!

      Pete, thank you and your lads for such an excellent job.I'm thrilled to bits with my new studio, and am gradually filling it to bursting, and also the garden shed! I'm sitting at my computer right now, with a pleasant view of flowers in my window box, hanging baskets, and blue sky and trees over the road. Lovely! Thanks again for your advice and expertise.

      Ray TyndaleSA
    • Thank you for your amazing customer service and helping us to achieve our outdoor studio

      Thank you for your amazing customer service and helping us to achieve our outdoor studio - WE LOVE IT! Pete, you were always available to answer call/queries etc and always so professional with a Can Do attitude.I really want to make a VERY special mention to Jason. He is by far the most professional, thorough, hardworking person builder (or similar) I have worked with. His knowledge on the materials used and details of the structure were explained in detail, and it was very clear he knew exactly what had to be done! If /when we use Aarons again, I really hope Jason is the primary installer.Shane also cant recommend Jason highly enough.

    • The right cubby for our needs

      We bought our cubby from Aarons at Marsden Park. They were great in helping us to choose the right cubby for our needs, as well as suggesting they deliver in pieces so that we could paint it on the ground, before they came back to put it together. Everything was on time and exactly as promised. Most importantly, our daughter loves her new cubby!

      Robert John Edwards
    • We are very happy with how it came up and is exactly what we wanted.

      I have attached a few photos of the completed Studio you guys supplied for us.

      Greg Smith
    • Thank you to Pete at Aarons Outdoor Adelaide for his expertise and product knowledge.

      Pete assisted me to choose the best size and style of retreat to meet my needs.. Jason and Max were fantastic and worked in the rain to complete my outdoor retreat on time. Both were very professional, polite and communicated the progress on a daily basis. Their work ethic is a credit to them both. Susie also kept them in check throughout the week.

      Carol Dunlevey
    • Sam and his team who did the install went above and beyond, taking great pride in their workmanship and care of our property/surrounding gardens.

      We recently had a Contemporary studio installed to use as a office/outdoor entertaining area, it is just fantastic, we spent a lot of time looking at every imaginable option on the market and this studio stood out from the competitors by a long way with its style, build quality, price and dealing with a long standing reputable company, this option was in a league of its own. This is our third Aaron's product and I would highly recommend to others, plenty of other cheap options on the market but if you want something of quality that will last Aaron's is the only way to go.

      Jon L

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