Premium synthetic grass at wholesale prices

Built tough, our premium synthetic grass is used in childcares across Australia
Revitalise your backyard with our Unreal synthetic grass

We call it “Unreal”!

If it’s good enough for your kids at daycare, it’s good enough for you! Our Unreal Grass is used across Australia in childcare playscapes, and meets all Australian Standards.

Drought proof

Throw together water restrictions and foot traffic and suddenly your lawn will resemble a dust bowl rivalling the Sahara. Save your garden and the environment with our Unreal Grass.

Natural Look and Feel

If you think fake is fake, think again. Our grass has been specially sourced with a beige thread and 35mm pile to emulate the real deal.

Reclaim your Time

You might love a perfectly manicured green, but it takes a lot of hard work. Our synthetic grass requires zero maintenance to make your garden look unbelievable all year ‘round.

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    Unreal Grass – 35mm

    • UV Stabilised – resistant to fading from the harsh Australian sun
    • “Wave” shaped pile gives added strength to the blades
    • High number of yarn per knot gives a lush realistic look and feel
    • Durable double backing
    • Colour: Emerald & Olive and Matt Emerald & Light Yellow
    • DTEX: 16900
    • 35mm pile
    • Stitch rate: 13650/m2
    • Weight: 3107/m2
    • Delivery/Pick up arranged within NSW, VIC and QLD
    • Full specs, fire and slip resistant testing is available upon request


    • Per roll (3.75m x 25m) – $2,343.75 (93.75m2 = $25/m2)
    • Per m2 – $26.50/m2 plus $50 cutting fee (minimum 10m2 purchase)


    Nice to know

    Maintaining rich, green grass year-round in Australia can be difficult. Cold winters and hot summers will leave your grass looking more brown than green. Not to mention all the time spent watering, mowing, sweeping up the mess and doing it all over again every few weeks. Plus, when the kids play in it, it can flatten it out and turn it into a dirt track. But none of this is worry when you have Aarons artificial grass, making it the perfect addition to any backyard.

    Aarons artificial grass is made of the highest-grade materials. It contains a UV protector so it won’t fade, is lead and heavy metal free.

    Artificial, or synthetic grass, is made of synthetic fibres that are designed to look like grass. It is at the perfect height that is springy and comfortable like real grass. The fibres are woven in bunches into a carpet-like underlay. There should be no bald patches but instead, resemble a perfect lawn.

    We do Playscapes!

    Playscapes by Aarons is a niche arm of our business specialising in commercial childcare spaces, from refurbishment to complete construction. Check out our amazing portfolio of bespoke outdoor play areas below, or call 1300 Aarons to speak to our clever team.

    Our services

    We know you’re clever and can do all sorts of things yourself.
    But if and when you need it, we can offer all sorts of help.

    Deliver + Install

    Deliver + Install

    You will love coming home to your brand-new Aarons product without having to lift a finger. There is a reason we provide this service to each product we sell – it’s hassle-free, cost-effective and installed professionally by Aarons approved installers.

    Site Inspections

    Site Inspections

    Gripped with indecision? Spoilt for choice? Good news – you get to decide on the backyard of your dreams IN your own backyard. Our Site Inspectors are well-trained to hold our sample kits, tape measure, and your hand all at the same time.



    You know you love it. Zip Money offers our customers finance up to $50,000 for everyday purchases. For those looking at a more serious makeover, we have a specialised broker to help release your equity and increase the value of your home.



    Special spaces deserve special attention. Our in-house Landscape Architect can design your dream backyard makeover. We also have a specialist team who design Playscapes for the Childcare and Commercial playground market.

    Your Beliefs, Our Values

    Living your best life outdoors is good for you and super fun.
    It’s also serious business to us.



    Our Sustainable Timber breathes on the ground thanks to our arsenic-free, low VOC treatment. We source materials locally, and re-home your well-loved pieces, which reduces everyone’s carbon footprint.

    Australian made

    Australian made

    All timber products made in Australia using Australian materials purchased from Australian suppliers. We only import what we can’t source here. Our businesses are Australian owned and operated.

    Built to last

    Built to last

    Each end product is lovingly designed and crafted by hand with longevity in mind. Our products have been around for 25-years and are passed down to the next generation of homeowners and family.

    Love outside

    Love outside

    Your family and friends connect, laugh and love outdoors. Everything we do encourages and nurtures that bond. We are passionate about moving away from screens and giving our kids room to grow… Step Outside

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