Ground Surfacing

Synthetic Grass

Maintaining rich, green grass year-round in Australia can be difficult. Cold winters and hot summers will leave your grass looking more brown than green. Not to mention all the time spent watering, mowing, sweeping up the mess and doing it all over again every few weeks. Plus, when the kids play in it, it can flatten it out and turn it into a dirt track. But none of this is a worry when you have Aarons’s artificial grass, making it the perfect addition to any play area.

Artificial, or synthetic grass, is made of synthetic fibres that are designed to look like grass. It is at the perfect height that is springy and comfortable, like real grass. The fibres are woven in bunches into a carpet-like underlay. There should be no bald patches; instead, it should resemble a perfect lawn.

Aarons artificial grass is made of the highest-grade materials. It contains a UV protector so it won’t fade, is lead and heavy-metal-free, and comes with a 7-year warranty.

It meets Australian fire rating standards: AS ISO 9239.1 – 2003 and is compliant with Australian slip resistance standard AS/NZS 4586-2013. We import it ourselves to ensure you receive a quality product that can be enjoyed safely for years.

You can even add Rubber Softfall under the grass to provide a grass surface that meets critical fall height impact ratings.

Soft Fall Rubber

Most playground injuries in young children are the result of falls. Having appropriate surfacing in play areas lowers the risk of injuries, particularly serious head injuries. One of the best options for your playground surface is rubber surfacing.

Rubber softfall is a poured-in-place product made of rubber and polyurethane. This weather-resistant surface creates a shock-absorption layer in and around your play areas. It helps to cushion a fall and will displace the energy from a fall, creating less impact on the child – lessening the chance of serious harm.

Rubber surfacing requires very low maintenance, meaning kids can spend more time on the playground, and you can spend less time cleaning the area. Very little effort is needed to keep the surface ready for play, even after it rains. With proper maintenance, it can last a very long time. It is also wheelchair friendly.

As rubber absorbs sound, not reflects it, a rubber surface can help decrease the noise created in your play area.

Rubber Softfall is available in many colours, so let us create an attractive, fun design that will complement and personalise your play areas.

Our commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our soft fall rubber installations. We use up-cycled rubber from Australia’s leading tyre up-cycler.

We offer a unique, distinct green advantage as our ground surfacing materials are made from recycled tyre rubber primarily sourced from end-of-life Australian tyres.
We are proud that every installation directly contributes to the reduction of used tyres going to landfills every year.

Loose Fill Mulch

Impact attenuating certified soft fall mulch is an effective way to lower the risk of a child being injured whilst playing outdoors and is the cost-effective surfacing solution for many centres.

Made from natural materials, mulch offers a natural look and feel, is easy to install, safe to handle, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance.

Aaron’s Outdoor specialises in installing safe, durable playground surfaces across Melbourne. Our rubber tiles and wet-pour rubber surfaces create safer play areas by minimizing impacts and sharp edges. With extensive experience in playground safety and surfacing, we properly install seamless, quality wet pour materials to ensure comfort, accessibility and compliance with standards. For new or renovated playgrounds, trust our experts to deliver the ideal surface solution tailored to your site. Contact Aaron’s Outdoor today to learn more about our specialised playground ground surfacing services.

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