ELC Range

For the Commercial Market

Just as our cubbies and play equipment have a mass following in the residential market, our safety certified play range will be a hit with kids and parents alike at your Early Learning Centre.

Build their Skills

Kids need stimulation to develop. Our range has been designed to assist in cognitive and social development, and enhance fine and gross motor skills. All this while they discover the joy of playing outdoors – win, win!

Certified to Australian Standards

The kids in your care are beyond precious. Our products are certified to meet AS4685 with all entrapment points considered, built in Greenguard treated Australian sustainable timber. Your kids could not be safer.

Sell the Kids, Sell the Parents

The very first thing the kids will gravitate to is your outdoor play area. If your centre is ahead of the pack, you will win the business. Every Time.

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    Cubbies and Forts

    Why buy an Aarons Safety Certified Cubby?

    Aarons Cubbies, Built with safety first, to last a lifetime of tea parties & adventures!

    Reasons to buy an Aarons Safety Certified Cubby:

    • The Hardwood Jarrah trims and treated pine internal framework ensures you’re buying
    • Can come natural, stained or painted.
    • Two cubby house sizes and an open fort design all come in four elevation options depending on your requirements. Add on slides, rockwalls, fireman’s poles, scramble nets, rung ladders and more.
    • Each add on comes with the relevant d-handles or safety rails where required.
    • Add on various imagination pieces, such as steering wheels, telescopes, binoculars, flower boxes, letterboxes for endless fun.
    • Join two or more together and create amazing combinations!
    • All cubbies and forts come with a Colorbond roof, skylight and anchor kit as standard, and the cubbies and have doors and perspex removed to avoid any shearing concerns.

    Classic Cubby

    The perfect cubby for smaller spaces, our Classic Cubby can be used alone, or added to another cubby or fort to add more playing area.

    Elevation options: On the ground, 450mm, 900mm, 1200mm & 1500mm.
    Colours: Natural, Stained or Painted.
    Specifications: Width: 1700mm. Length: 2700mm (includes 835mm verandah). Height: 2100mm.

    Awesome Cubby

    Big space equals big fun! This cubby has two entry points and a wraparound verandah offering extra undercover playing space. Can also be attached to a fort or cubby with a combo bridge to increase the footprint of the play space.

    Elevation options: On the ground, 450mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
    Colours: Natural, Stained or Painted
    Specifications: Width: 3100mm (includes 835mm wraparound verandah). Length: 3300mm (includes 835mm wraparound verandah) Height: 2200mm.

    Activity Fort

    Some kids can’t be boxed in four walls. If a more open plan format suits your needs, our Activity Fort is the answer. Our forts are frequently combined with our cubbies to give kids the option of playing in an open or enclosed environment.

    Elevation options: On the ground, 450mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm.
    Colours: Natural, Stained or Painted.
    Specifications: Width: 1700mm. Length: 2400mm. Height: 2100mm.

    Corner Fort

    Want the best of both worlds? Our newly developed Corner Fort is perfect for Childcare centres need to block off the back corner but still keep the front open for visibility.

    Elevation options: On the ground, 450mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm.
    Colours: Natural, Stained or Painted.

    SMALL Width: 1700mm. Length: 1700mm. Height: 2100mm.

    MEDIUM Width: 1700mm. Length: 2300mm. Height: 2100mm.

    LARGE Width: 2300mm. Length: 2700mm. Height: 2100mm.

    Imaginative play

    Pirate ship

    Enjoy watching the children visit each end of the Earth from their timber Pirate Ship, all without leaving the play room!

    Our timber Pirate Ship is our largest selling product in the range and is loved by all. Set course for the Seven Seas and let the children’s imagination sail!

    Our Play Pirate Ship is certified to Australian Safety Standards and because we use the best natural materials, it means long-lasting quality and outstanding value for money.

    Footprint: 1300 x 2300mm
    Includes: Boat Wheel, Telescope, Pirate Flag, Timber Boat Anchor Detail & Sandpit Area

    Speed Boat

    Our Aarons Speed Boat is a great compact unit for your play area. With seats, a telescope and steering wheel they can eat their lunch, be read to and more importantly have fun while they imagine themselves on the open seas.

    Stimulate imagination, encourage outdoor play and follow your kids as they conquer the Seven Seas and each corner of the globe – all from the comfort of your play space!

    Our timber, Australian made, certified Speed Boat is the perfect catalyst to help your children learn and grow, together or by themselves!

    Footprint: 1100 x 2200mm
    Includes: 2x Boat Wheels, Telescope & Two Bench Seats

    Play Train

    All aboard! We’re off to the Imagination Station! Every child will love playing on our Play Train. These certified units come with a fun tunnel and small platform combo, with imagination accessories for years of entertainment.

    Specifications: Platform Height: 140mm. Footprint: 1100 x 2400mm. Peak Height: 1800mm.
    Includes: Tarpaulin Roof, HDPE Crawl Tunnel, Steering Wheel, Timber Block Abacus Kit & Train wheels

    Up + Over

    The Up & Over is a great, dual climbing playground. Combining a net rope and a rock wall, its low height also makes it ideal for the little ones. Our Up & Over allows kids to work on bilateral coordination, sequencing and body awareness in a challenging and fun way.

    Specifications: Peak Height: 935mm. Footprint: 1900 x 1000mm.
    Includes: Scramble Net, Rock Wall & Plastic Hand Grips.

    Walkover Bridge

    Designed to create interactive interest and play, our walkover bridge is perfect to connect kids to different sections of a playground, or to sit over a river creek bed or natural water course.

    Specifications: Peak Height: 840mm. Length: 1500mm. Width: 700mm.

    Swing Frames + Attachments

    A kindergarten favourite, our 125mm x 125mm Cypress Pine timber, in-ground swing frames have lock-in steel plates, diagonal support stays and swing hooks. Available in Single or Double. A range of Swing Seats are also available.

    Single Frame: Length: 1800mm. Height: 2100mm.
    Double Frame: Length: 3000mm. Height: 2100mm.
    Clearance requirement for swing arc: 3400mm from centre of frame both front and rear.
    Attachment Options: Nest swing, Toddler swing with safety strap & Standard swing seat.

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    Our services

    We know you’re clever and can do all sorts of things yourself.
    But if and when you need it, we can offer all sorts of help.

    Deliver + Install

    Deliver + Install

    You will love coming home to your brand-new Aarons product without having to lift a finger. There is a reason we provide this service to each product we sell – it’s hassle-free, cost-effective and installed professionally by Aarons approved installers.

    Site Inspections

    Site Inspections

    Gripped with indecision? Spoilt for choice? Good news – you get to decide on the backyard of your dreams IN your own backyard. Our Site Inspectors are well-trained to hold our sample kits, tape measure, and your hand all at the same time.



    You know you love it. Zip Money offers our customers finance up to $50,000 for everyday purchases. For those looking at a more serious makeover, we have a specialised broker to help release your equity and increase the value of your home.



    Special spaces deserve special attention. Our in-house Landscape Architect can design your dream backyard makeover. We also have a specialist team who design Playscapes for the Childcare and Commercial playground market.

    Your Beliefs, Our Values

    Living your best life outdoors is good for you and super fun.
    It’s also serious business to us.



    Our Sustainable Timber breathes on the ground thanks to our arsenic-free, low VOC treatment. We source materials locally, and re-home your well-loved pieces, which reduces everyone’s carbon footprint.

    Australian made

    Australian made

    All timber products made in Australia using Australian materials purchased from Australian suppliers. We only import what we can’t source here. Our businesses are Australian owned and operated.

    Built to last

    Built to last

    Each end product is lovingly designed and crafted by hand with longevity in mind. Our products have been around for 25-years and are passed down to the next generation of homeowners and family.

    Love outside

    Love outside

    Your family and friends connect, laugh and love outdoors. Everything we do encourages and nurtures that bond. We are passionate about moving away from screens and giving our kids room to grow… Step Outside

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