Custom Made Play

Custom Ships

There isn’t a kid alive who doesn’t dream of sailing the high seas in search of adventure. Give it to them in a BIG WAY with Aarons huge custom ships, personalised to your space and the needs of your kids. The terraced decks allows kids of all ages and stages to play in comfort, and the maritime accessories – telescopes, binoculars, boat wheel and flags – bring the ship to life! Add on climbing and sliding options, and the kids will be drifting happily in an ocean of exploration for hours!

Custom Forts

Kids love to climb, it’s second nature to them. Therefore, it is important that these skills are built upon from an early age. But kids need to be challenged enough to help develop their natural intuition for protecting themselves during risky play.

Aarons Custom Forts have large decks and open designs so you can see the kids from every angle and have many add-ons available to make climbing fun and challenging. Add a rock wall to help develop hand/eye coordination by challenging children to work out the most logical way to the top. Add a Scramble Net for balance and focusing on their spatial awareness. Climbing up is also great for upper body strengthening, which is difficult to achieve with pre-school children.

Custom Bridges

Let the children’s imagination climb to great heights, whether it’s the last log floating down a river of lava or the bridge between them to saving the Princesses – our Bridges will accommodate their fun adventures.

Mud + Sand – Kitchens + Pits

Since the dawn of time children have been drawn to mud puddles and dirt as a part of their play. Mixing soil, water, and other natural materials like pebbles, leaves, or grass provides children endless possibilities for learning and fun. Many of us have fond memories of creating mud pies, digging for worms, or making streams and valleys in the mud. But it’s not just about fun. Children benefit from messy, muddy play by exposure to healthy bacteria that can stimulate the immune system to prevent allergies.

Teepees & Yarning circles

Who is the Indian and who is the chief sitting under an Aarons beautiful bush log tee pee? Tee Pees will create an area for fun, imaginative play, but also provide a place for reading and relaxation.

Add a Yarning Circle for kids to ponder, ‘yarn’, laugh, practice mindfulness and build strong bonds.

Balancing logs & Steppers

Balance is the ability to maintain a controlled body position during tasks, whether it is walking on a balance beam, stepping up onto a stepper or even sitting at a table.

Age appropriate balance and coordination allows children to participate with a reasonable degree of success as it aids fluid body movement for physical skill performance and is helpful in learning how to complete normal daily tasks.

With good balance and coordination there is less likelihood of injury as the child is likely to have appropriate postural responses when needed (e.g. putting hands out to protect themselves when they fall).

Custom Accessories

Anything you create, we can bring to life! Bespoke furniture, musical instruments, easels + chalkboards, vertical gardens, sensory panels – the list goes on. Challenge us – we dare you….

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    Site Inspections

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    You know you need it, but can’t quite afford it. Zip Money offers our customers finance up to $50,000 for everyday purchases, and have a business division too. For those looking at a more serious makeover, we have a specialised broker to assist you with financing one of the best decisions you will make for your business.



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    Our Sustainable Timber breathes on the ground thanks to our arsenic-free, low VOC treatment. We source materials locally, and re-home your well-loved pieces, which reduces everyone’s carbon footprint.

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    Australian made

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    Built to last

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    Love outside

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