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Who doesn’t need more storage? When your home is bursting at the seams, or if you need room for your garden kit, bump out into a shed.

Scrap the Tin

If your hideous tin shed is making your eyes bleed (or just thinking about one is), think of our sheds as your Visine. Our beautiful timber panelled designs will restore visual happiness in no time.

Make like Marie Kondo

Does the thought of de-cluttering your home fill you with joy? Our sheds are perfect to have your very own self-storage at home without the monthly fees to keep your possessions close, but not too close.

Smart and Strong

Your belongings are precious, so we line every shed with sisalation paper to resist moisture and heat. With 70mm studs, our sheds are designed to install shelving whilst maintaining the strength of your shed.

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Choosing your Shed


Your Perfect Size

Our huge range of sizes are sure to fit your garden, whether its a paddock or a postage stamp.


Add your Personality

So many options to make your space suit you.


Finish it off

Blend in or stand out – you decide.


Do I need a permit?

As we have locations across Australia, each state has different regulation in regards to sheds.  Please visit our permits information page for more details.

Do I need to level my area before installing my shed?

If you have purchased a shed without a subfloor, then you will need to level the area before installation. If you have purchased a shed with a subfloor, levelling is not necessary – the sub-floor will compensate for fall up to 400mm.

Do The Sheds Need A Concrete Pad?

Our sheds do not require a concrete pad as they have moisture resistant flooring and can be placed directly on the ground.

Can I opt to put my door in the ‘side’ of the shed rather than the ‘front’?

Yes. So long as the door is in the middle of one of the panels – you can choose any location for your door or window.

What is the roof made from?

The roof is made from BHB Colorbond® steel. It comes as standard in cottage green however can be changed to any one of Colorbond’s standard range for an additional $50.

Can a gutter kit and downpipes be fitted to a shed?

Yes. You can choose to have a gutter kit and downpipes for an additional fee. Please enquire.

Nice to know

Quality Australian made sheds, built to last a lifetime!

Need to tidy up the backyard? From as little as $20.00 per week* with Zip Money, you can have a stylish garden shed that is a perfect space saver and will also enhance the look and feel of your garden. Our range of garden sheds can be used for any purpose, depending on what you need and where you need it. These versatile shed solutions can be transformed into storage for the garden or pool, or you can create an outdoor workshop or study.

Aarons sheds are Australian made from the best quality, eco-wood treated timber. You can choose a style and finish to suit the look of your home or yard. Take some time to consider the features and qualities that are most important to you, or feel free to contact Aarons Outdoor Living for assistance.

Shed articles

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Our Sheds look great in Childcare centres! Storing all manner of kids stuff is a challenge that is easily met by our sheds, which meet childcare certification standards.

Our services

We know you’re clever and can do all sorts of things yourself.
But if and when you need it, we can offer all sorts of help.

Deliver + Install

Deliver + Install

You will love coming home to your brand-new Aarons product without having to lift a finger. There is a reason that most of our customers choose this service – it’s cost effective and hassle free.

Site Inspections

Site Inspections

Gripped with indecision? Spoilt for choice? Good news – you get to decide on the backyard of your dreams IN your own backyard. Our Site Inspectors are well-trained to hold our sample kits, tape measure, and your hand all at the same time.



You know you love it. Zip Money offers our customers finance up to $50,000 for everyday purchases. For those looking at a more serious makeover, we have a specialised broker to help release your equity and increase the value of your home.



Special spaces deserve special attention. Our in-house Landscape Architect can design your dream backyard makeover. We also have a specialist team who design Playscapes for the Childcare and Commercial playground market.

Your Beliefs, Our Values

Living your best life outdoors is good for you and super fun.
It’s also serious business to us.



Our Sustainable Timber breathes on the ground thanks to our arsenic-free, low VOC treatment. We source materials locally, and re-home your well-loved pieces, which reduces everyone’s carbon footprint.

Australian made

Australian made

All timber products made in Australia using Australian materials purchased from Australian suppliers. We only import what we can’t source here. Our businesses are Australian owned and operated.

Built to last

Built to last

Each end product is lovingly designed and crafted by hand with longevity in mind. Our products have been around for 25 years and are passed down to the next generation of homeowners and family.

Love outside

Love outside

Your family and friends connect, laugh and love outdoors. Everything we do encourages and nurtures that bond. We are  passionate about moving away from screens and giving our kids room to grow… Step Outside

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