Why Should You Consider Installing Bamboo Fencing?

It’s no secret that Aussies love travelling to tropical locales like Bali and Thailand to relax in the sun and escape from reality for a while. Australian homeowners are more than ever wanting to bring back a bit of their holiday, so are installing Bamboo Fencing in their backyards.
Are you looking to transform your backyard into a tropical paradise but are still ‘on the fence’ about where to look? Here are some of the many benefits of Bamboo Fencing and why Aarons Outdoor Living must be your go-to for your Bamboo needs.

1. The affordable alternative!

Everybody loves a bargain, and Bamboo Fencing is no exception. One of the major advantages of a Bamboo Fence is that it’s very cost-effective compared to other decorative fencing options. At Aarons, our Bamboo Fencing starts from $60 per panel – so uproot your old fence and get a better-looking backyard today!

2. It’s environmentally friendly

Bamboo is a type of giant grass that takes on its hardened woody texture after maturity. It is incredibly sustainable when compared to the wood that is used for regular fencing due to its growth rate. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, taking only 3 years to fully grow. Most trees used for harvesting wood can take anywhere from 30 to 50 years!
The harvesting of Bamboo has very little impact on the environment making it a wise investment. Purchasing Bamboo Fencing from Aarons ensures that you’re doing your bit to help the environment while giving your backyard a unique, tropical feel.

3. It’s incredibly flexible!

Due to the versatile nature of Bamboo, it is able to be modified for any creative choice. Whether it is an addition to a Bali Hut or African Thatch, a simple fence or a feature for your pool or spa, installing Bamboo fencing will make your backyard truly shine.
Aarons Bamboo can be incorporated into any feature/fence design with 4 height options to choose from! Just look at how our Bamboo panels were used on the cubby house below to make it really stand out.


4. It’s built to last

Bamboo is much stronger than wood and, if taken care of, can last for years. The fencing will lose some of its natural colours through weathering over time, but even this can be avoided by applying a Bamboo protector and rejuvenator treatment every-so-often. This treatment works to replace the natural oils Bamboo panels lose through weathering.
Aarons sell this in a 4 litre can for $125, helping your fence last a lifetime.

5. It creates a lush backyard perfect for summer nights

Installing Bamboo fencing in your backyard will transform your outdoor living area into a Bali-esque space where you can spend countless hours enjoying your backyard. Basking in the sun, making the most of the late sunsets with friends and family – you will think you’ve travelled to Asia without having to step out your front door!
Why settle for spending more on a regular fence when you could get a fabulous looking Bamboo fence and help the environment in doing so!?
If this information has made you Bamboo-crazy, head over to our Bamboo page to learn more about how Aarons can help you transform your backyard!
This article was written by Callum Youla, an ongoing content contributor to the Aarons Outdoor Living blog.

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