Best Designed Pet Houses You Need To See

Do you have a pet and are already satisfied with their bedding? Don’t you think you need to have a pet house for your furry or feathered friend? We’ve had a look and found the best pet houses for animals of all shapes and sizes that will inspire you to get a pet house.

1. Cat house

Some people have scratching posts for their cats, and some make ramps, but this woman made a whole miniature house for her cat. This extravagant pet house is three stories and has roof shingles and even skylights. The house is up against the window, so the cat can rest and have the perfect view at the same time. While the house only had blankets within it at the time of filming, there were plans to carpet it.

2. Chicken cottage

You normally don’t think much when you think of chicken coops. They’re normally just large wire cages, right? Instead, this family invested in the “Rise and Shine Cottage” for their chickens. The coop was designed to keep away chicken predators. The yellow cottage includes windows and a small front porch. It also includes practical elements such as a nesting box, complete with fake eggs, to encourage the chickens to lay eggs. The chicken coop measures 8ft x 6 ft and is comfortable for 13 chickens and one rooster.

3. Extreme Birdhouses

These birdhouses need to be seen to believe. They put the standard bird feeders to shame. The extreme birdhouses are essentially castles for birds. The smallest houses take a minimum of 4 to 5 hours to create. The larger houses are about 9ft wide and 9ft tall and can take, on average, 6 to 8 weeks to build. In his yard full of birdhouses, there are about 400 birds, with about a dozen in each birdhouse.

4. Bunny hutch

Rabbits need cute houses, too! That’s exactly what this owner has created. This hutch is a two-level house with doors that are open 24/7, so the rabbits can come and go as they please. The house includes ramps up to the second level, where there is a balcony fitted with miniature artificial plants. The upstairs room even includes a window which can be opened. This house is pretty much bunny heaven.

5. 10 best luxury pet houses

This montage includes the best houses for pets of all shapes and sizes. It includes a luxury chicken house that is double story and plenty of space to roam, a six-compartment fish tank, a luxury stable for horses, and even a goat house and a luxury dog house that resembles a castle tower. These owners sure know how to spoil their pets!

Decided your pet needs a pet house after all? Aarons Outdoor Living can help! We offer a range of pet houses that are suitable for your dogs, cats, chickens, and birds. Our dog kennels or luxury dog houses come in three sizes, so there’s one for a dog of any size. Contact one of our friendly staff today for more information on your pet house.

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