Celebrate with your Mum this Mother’s Day

It’s nearly that time of year again, where you get to show your Mum how much you LOVE her.
Have you organised the perfect gift yet, or planned out a special day with the family?
If you’re needing a last minute gift, Aarons Outdoor Living have got you covered. Download our free “Love You Mum” vouchers and give Mum some coupons she can use when she pleases. We are sure she’ll love:

  • One hour of quiet time with no interruptions
  • Breakfast in bed or a lovely bubble bath
  • Give a chore to someone else to do with no complaints
  • Dinner at a restaurant of her choice

We did a survey around the office and these are the ‘surprises’ the Aarons Mum’s love to receive on Mothers Day.

Breakfast in bed
Mother’s Day is all about relaxing, so start the day off right by first letting Mum have a sleep in. Get up and cook a breakfast or brunch and make her some coffee or tea.

Is the backyard looking a little overrun? Why not make the outdoor area look more presentable by doing some gardening. Pull some weeds, trim the hedges, do some mowing. She’ll be sure to appreciate the backyard looking better without having to do any of the hard work.

Clean the house
Is Mum the one who does most of the chores around the house? This weekend, give Mum a break and take care of the chores yourself. Get out the vacuum and broom, mop the floors, dust the house, do some laundry. Whatever it is your Mum usually does around the house – make sure she doesn’t have to think about it.

Cook a meal
Sometimes the smallest things mean the most. Cooking dinner can often take a lot of effort and will definitely be appreciated by Mum. Find out what her favourite dish is and consider cooking that. Remember to top it off with a glass of wine to make the meal extra special.

Wash the dishes

If you’re going to be cooking today, don’t forget to clean up afterwards! No one wants to be served a meal and then have to clean up the mess. It doesn’t take too much time to load the dishwasher or handwash after finishing your meal.
A handmade gift
Of course, the day isn’t complete without a gift. Why not make it more personal by giving your Mum a handmade gift. Anyone can go to the store and buy something, but something made by the kids, with thought, is always greatly appreciated. Top off your handmade gift with an extra surprising gift such as flowers or chocolates to really show Mum how much she is appreciated on Mother’s Day.

Download our vouchers and spoil your beautiful Mum this Mother’s Day.

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