Garden Shed Design Ideas And Inspiration

Lurking in a dark back corner of many Australian backyards is a tired, overgrown and neglected shed. And it’s easy to see why: many old-style steel sheds were already hideously unattractive, even BEFORE they were attacked by the neighbour’s privet and partially caved in by old fence palings and garden debris tumbling on top of them!

In the era of travel restrictions, more pressure is being put on household space, so it’s more important than ever to use every bit of space to maximise our comfort at home. These little dynamos are incredibly handy, but this little Aussie Icon has had a facelift, earning its rightful place in the spotlight! Don’t put Baby in the Corner – let her shine on centre stage in your backyard.

Check out three styles to inspire your shed design below!

Shed Ideas and Garden Shed Designs

There are many options when it comes togarden shed ideas and designs. Here are some popular styles:

1. Brighton Beach Box Style

Backyard Brights

Backyard Brights is an iconic style that genuinely shines, whether gracing a beachfront property or transforming your backyard space. This vibrant style merges effortlessly with outdoor environments, enhancing any area’s natural beauty and charisma. Its versatility allows it to stand out as a focal point while harmonizing with various outdoor decor themes. Embrace Backyard Brights to bring a touch of coastal flair and brightness into your home’s exterior spaces.

Displayed: Aarons Noosa Shed.

Playful Pop

Playful Pop is a vibrant style designed to add colour to any childcare centre or backyard play area, as shown here. This lively approach brightens the space and makes it more engaging and inviting for children. It’s the perfect solution for storing equipment and kids’ toys, keeping the area organized and cheerful. Incorporate the Playful Pop style to create a fun and functional environment for kids.

Displayed: Aarons Noosa Sheds.

Creative Kids

Creative Kids provides older children a dedicated space to express themselves and dive deep into their hobbies. Whether sketching, building models or crafting, this setup inspires their artistic flair and fosters a sense of independence. By designing a zone that encourages creativity, you help them develop their skills in a comfortable and personal environment. It’s the perfect way to support their passions and watch their imaginations soar.

Displayed: Aarons Glenelg shed with subfloor and single steps.

Rainbow Paddle Pop

Rainbow Paddle Pop is a vibrant, rainbow-inspired style that instantly infuses your tropical oasis with colour and energy. This cheerful design adds visual interest to your backyard and is a practical solution for organizing and storing your gardening tools. It creates a lively and inviting atmosphere, making your outdoor space more enjoyable and functional. Embrace the Rainbow Paddle Pop to keep your tools handy while elevating the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Displayed Aarons Bondi shed with subfloor.

2. Coastal Chill

Hamptons Haven

Hamptons Haven epitomizes the effortless elegance of Hamptons chic, combining Dulux Dewpoint panels with a Pearl White glass sliding door and window to create a breezy and light space. This design captures the quintessential coastal vibe, making it ideal for a serene retreat right in your backyard. Using light colours and reflective surfaces enhances the natural light, contributing to a relaxed and airy atmosphere. It’s the perfect setting for unwinding or entertaining in style, drawing on the timeless aesthetics of the Hamptons.

Displayed: Aarons Glenelg Shed with subfloor, glass sliding door, shed window and single steps.

Poolside Cool

Poolside Cool offers a stylish shaded hideaway perfect for supervising kids or relaxing by the water. This design smartly integrates with the surrounding environment, accentuating the vibrant turquoise of the pool and the boldness of the blue sky above. The careful choice of colours and structures provides functional shade and enhances the overall aesthetic, turning your pool area into a striking statement piece. It’s an ideal blend of practicality and visual appeal, making every poolside moment more enjoyable and chic.

Displayed: Aarons Surfers Shed with subfloor and double doors.

Aqua Annex

Aqua Annex units are compact yet highly efficient, designed to enhance storage capabilities in your backyard significantly. These small structures are perfect for organizing and safely storing cleaning equipment, paint supplies, and other essentials beside one of our Studios. Their robust design and smart use of space make them indispensable for maintaining a tidy and functional outdoor area. Ideal for those who need extra storage without sacrificing style, Aqua Annexes are a practical addition to any backyard setup.

Displayed: 2 x Aarons Bondi Sheds with subfloor, painted in Taubmans Aqua Bay and Lexicon.

Palm Springs

The Palm Springs shed design features a subtle colourway that seamlessly blends into your outdoor living space, creating the perfect backdrop for summer drinks on the deck. Its understated elegance enhances the visual appeal of your backyard while adding a practical element to this beautifully considered area. It serves as a stylish storage solution and complements the leisurely vibe of your deck, making it an integral part of your outdoor gatherings. With the Palm Springs shed, you achieve functionality and aesthetic harmony, elevating your outdoor entertainment experiences.

Displayed: Aarons Manly Shed, elevated with subfloor, painted in Dulux Dewpoint Quarter and Vivid White.

3. Classic and Modern

Industrial Chic

The Industrial Chic shed design capitalizes on a dramatic colour combination to add depth and intrigue to its surroundings. Its bold and distinct hues make a strong visual statement, transforming a simple storage space into a striking feature of your garden. This shed serves practical storage needs and doubles as a hidden garden retreat, offering a secluded spot to escape and unwind amidst the hustle of daily life. It’s the perfect blend of functionality and modern aesthetic, making it an essential part of any contemporary garden design.

Displayed: Aaron’s Surfers Shed with subfloor, double doors, shed window, and ramp, painted in Dulux Hog Bristle and Night Sky.

Side Passage Storeroom

The Side Passage Storeroom is a clever and efficient design solution that transforms a disused side passage into a practical storage area. This innovative approach ensures that the storeroom coordinates seamlessly with the adjoining house, adopting similar design elements to create a “Mini-Me” effect. By doing so, it not only maximizes underutilized space but also enhances the overall aesthetic continuity between the house and the added structure. This storeroom is ideal for those looking to extend their storage capabilities without compromising the style or footprint of their existing home environment.

Displayed: Aarons Portsea Shed with subfloor, painted in Tranquil Retreat with stained cedar trims.

At Home in the Trees

At Home in the Trees is a design concept where timber sheds blend harmoniously with the natural environment, much like they are among their own kindred— the trees. These structures are designed to sit comfortably on uneven ground, ensuring stability and integration with the surrounding landscape. By echoing the house’s colours in these sheds, the design effectively extends the aesthetic of your home to the rear of the garden. This thoughtful approach enhances the cohesion of your property’s overall look and brings a sense of continuity and completeness to your outdoor space.

Displayed: Aarons Sorrento Shed with subfloor, painted in Colorbond Dune and Monument.

Common Shed Materials

Several common materials are used in garden shed construction, including corrugated steel, timber, Colorbond steel, and brick. Each material has advantages and limitations to consider.


Timber garden sheds have a natural, earthy aesthetic. Popular timber types include treated pine and hardwood. While timber blends nicely with garden surroundings, it requires more maintenance, like staining or painting, to protect it from rot. Termites and fungi can also be an issue in some climates.

Colorbond Corrugated Steel

Corrugated steel is a very affordable material option. However, if exposed to the elements, unpainted steel is prone to rust over time. It also tends to heat up quickly without good insulation. Regular painting is needed to protect the steel. Colorbond is a pre-painted steel that is very durable and maintenance-free. It won’t rust, even close to salt water. Colorbond sheds have a modern look and come in various colours to match any garden theme. However, the upfront material cost is higher than that of corrugated steel.


Brick is a very sturdy, long-lasting building material that can complement the style of an existing home. Brick sheds provide sound insulation. However, brick is significantly more expensive than other options and requires construction expertise.

The suitable material depends on budget, intended use, aesthetics, and location/seasonal temperature changes. Speak to local experts for the best shed materials and garden space.

Unlock Your Backyard’s Potential with Clever Garden Shed Ideas

Garden sheds provide the perfect opportunity to add storage and functional space to any backyard. Whether you need a simple garden shed for garden tools and equipment or want to transform your shed into a detached outdoor living space, there are endless design possibilities and ideas to suit your individual needs and style.

You can easily create your beautiful backyard oasis by considering shed ideas like colourful paint schemes, modern materials like Colorbond steel, or incorporating windows and lighting. You may opt for classic garden shed designs or get creative with coastal or industrial-inspired looks. Don’t limit yourself – with the right garden shed design, you can have your own perfect space for potting plants, crafting, entertaining or simply enjoying the outdoors.

With some landscaping touches like climbing plants and green walls, your garden shed will blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings of your garden. So start browsing shed ideas today and turn that neglected corner of your yard into your garden shed retreat! Aarons Outdoor has thousands of options to customise the perfect shed to work with your chosen aesthetic and preferred budget. Contact our helpful team or view our Sheds range online.

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