10 Ways To Transform Your Garden Shed

How can an old shed with peeling paint and dusty windows be transformed into something special? With some creativity and effort, that rundown old shed can become a new shed that adds valuable extra space and functionality to your backyard.

We will provide ten creative ways to transform a basic garden shed into something more functional and valuable. Whether you need a quiet space for relaxation, more natural light for your art studio, or an entertaining area to host guests, your old shed can be made new.

W T T Y G SWith simple renovations like cleaning, painting, and reorganizing, as well as amenities like electricity, storage solutions, or even a mini fridge, you can create the perfect new shed to place potted plants, pursue your hobbies, or spend time in nature.

From a cozy home office to an at-home gym to a children’s playhouse, this article will give you ideas to transform your old shed into a new space that perfectly suits your needs and adds value to your backyard.


A workshop is a space to work on DIY and craft projects. Transforming your garden shed into a workshop allows you to have a designated space for pursuing hobbies, fixing things around the house, store tools, or building new items from scratch.

The benefits of using a backyard shed as a workshop include ample storage for all your tools, materials, and projects, a sheltered spot to work regardless of the weather, and a separate space from the main house to minimize mess and noise.

W T T Y G STo set up your storage shed workshop, outfit it with sturdy workbenches, organizers and shelves for garden tools, hardware, paints, and other supplies. Make sure to include good lighting, ventilation, and electrical outlets. You can decorate your new workshop shed with inspirational signs and photos and add a radio or TV for entertainment.

With your well-equipped garden shed workshop, you’ll have the ideal spot to take on DIY projects surrounded by your plants.

Art Studio

An art studio is a creative space to make visual art like painting, drawing, pottery, or sculpture. As art studios are increasingly popular, turning your old shed into a new art studio is a great way to have the perfect spot to work on your next big project.

The benefits of using your backyard shed as an art studio include ample privacy to focus, space to spread out and get messy, and keeping your valuable artwork safely in one protected place.

W T T Y G STo convert your space into a welcoming art studio, install reasonable overhead and task lighting, add ventilation if working with solvents, and create flat surfaces like tables or easels for drawing and painting.

You’ll want many storage solutions for canvases, frames, paints, brushes, clay, and more art supplies. With the proper lighting, surfaces, and storage, your transformed shed makes the ideal art studio to spark creativity and productively work on artistic masterpieces in your own secluded creative space.


A greenhouse is a structure made of transparent material to grow plants in a controlled environment. Turning your backyard shed into a greenhouse is an excellent way to have a space to start seedlings, grow herbs and vegetables, and overwinter plants.

The benefits of converting your garden shed into a greenhouse include growing plants year-round with temperature control and utilizing the ample natural light a greenhouse provides. To convert your garden room into a fully functioning greenhouse, install polycarbonate or glass panels on the roof to allow sufficient sunlight inside.

W T T Y G SAdd shelving, tables, or benches to provide space for pots and trays, and include hooks for hanging gardening tools. Consider adding fans or heaters to regulate temperature and ventilation as needed.

With the suitable materials and setup, your transformed garden shed makes good use of unused space by becoming a much-needed greenhouse to use ample sunlight and space to nurture your plants and vegetables.

Entertainment Space

An entertainment space is an area designated for leisure activities and fun. Converting your large shed into a backyard entertainment space is an excellent way to create an extra space for your family to enjoy, especially kids or teens. The benefits of having an entertainment shed include having a separate game room, movie area, or chill-out spot for kids to hang out in during the hot summer months.


Add seating like beanbags, cushions or folding chairs to transform your garden shed into an entertaining space. Install a television, speakers, and floating video game and movie shelves. You can also add a classic game table for ping pong or pool and decorate it with colourful rugs, lights and posters to make it an inviting, youthful place.

With comfortable furniture, audiovisual equipment, games and stylish decor, your upgraded garden shed becomes the right spot for your small children to relax with friends or a much-needed separate area just for older kids to enjoy their own space close to home.

Home Office

A home office is a workspace located in one’s residence. As working from home becomes increasingly popular, turning your shed into a home office is an excellent way to create the best spot to handle your job duties regularly.

The benefits of having a backyard office in your shed include privacy to focus on work, convenience without commuting, and the ability to separate work and personal lives. To make your shed feel as welcoming as a home office, add insulation, heating and cooling to keep the temperature comfortable.

I V O OInstall electrical outlets, WiFi, and sufficient lighting. Outfit your shed office with a desk, ergonomic chair, filing cabinets for storage, and organizational tools like calendars and whiteboards.

The best part about a home office shed is to decorate it as you please to optimize productivity. With the proper setup, your backyard shed is the best way to gain extra work space without leaving home so you can work efficiently from the comfort of your yard.

Home Gym

A home gym is a private workout space located in one’s residence. Converting your backyard shed into a home gym is a convenient way to get fit without the expense of a gym membership. The benefits of having a home gym in your shed include privacy, saving money on membership fees, and the ability to work on your schedule.

To transform your shed into a functional home gym, install flooring like rubber mats that can withstand exercise equipment. Bring essential workout tools like weights, resistance bands, a treadmill or a stationary bike. Consider attaching mirrors to check the form. Add a yoga mat, blocks, and calming decor for a yoga studio vibe.


To complete your she shed gym, ensure proper lighting, ventilation and temperature control. The possibilities are endless when converting a basic shed into a home gym.

With creativity and the right equipment for your workout preferences, your backyard shed can become the perfect gym oasis to strengthen your body in the comfort of your yard.


A playhouse is a small play structure meant for children’s recreational activity and pretend play. Transforming your garden shed into a playhouse is a great way to encourage kids’ creativity and imagination. The benefits of converting your shed into a playhouse include providing an engaging space for your children to play and roleplay.

W T T Y G STo create a whimsical playhouse for kids, paint the interior with bright, friendly colours and add child-sized tables and chairs. Bring toys like play kitchens, dolls, blocks and dress-up clothes to inspire pretend play. You can decorate with kid-themed curtains, rugs and wall decor.

Add lighting and shelving to display toys and books within reach. With the right colours, textures and accessories, your converted shed becomes a lively playhouse where your children’s imaginations can run free as they play, socialize, and explore new worlds without leaving the comfort of your backyard.

Pool House

A pool house is a structure near a swimming pool for storage, changing rooms, and entertaining. Converting your backyard shed into a pool house is a convenient way to create a space adjacent to your pool for relaxation and fun.

The benefits of having a pool house include ample space for lounging poolside, storing pool toys and supplies, and an area for snacks and drinks while swimming. Add seating like outdoor couches or dining sets for guests to optimise your shed as a pool house.

W T T Y G SInstall a mini fridge and sideboard to hold snacks, drinks and pool towels. Consider adding a changing area and storage for pool chemicals and cleaning tools. With the right amenities, your transformed poolside shed provides the ideal spot for entertaining, changing clothes, and taking a break from the sun steps away from the pool.

Meditation Space

A meditation space is an area designed to facilitate reflection, calmness, and inner peace. Converting your shed into a backyard meditation room is a convenient way to have a serene spot to practice mindfulness.

W T T Y G SThe benefits of having a private meditation space in your shed include retreating for relaxation and convenience without leaving home. Use neutral colours and natural materials to create a yoga studio vibe in your shed. Add decorations like prayer flags, cushions, or greenery to enhance tranquillity.

Install dimmable lighting along with candles to set a calming ambience. Bring in yoga mats, pillows and blankets to delineate your meditation area. With minimal furnishings and peaceful, intentional decor, your converted garden shed becomes the perfect sanctuary for self-reflection, deep breathing, and grounding of your mind and spirit right from the comfort of your backyard.

Outdoor Pub

An outdoor pub is an alfresco bar area for serving drinks and socializing. Converting your garden shed into a backyard pub is a fun way to create an entertaining space to relax with friends. The benefits of an outdoor pub shed include a designated area for get-togethers, protection from weather, and a place to store serving supplies.

W T T Y G STo transform your shed into an inviting pub, build or install a bar counter and add bar stools for seating. Incorporate essential pub features like a fridge or cooler for drinks, wall racks to hang glasses, and shelves to display bottles and garnishes. Add fun decor like pub signs, string lights and high tops to complete the bar vibe.

With the proper barware, seating, and embellishments, your converted garden shed becomes the perfect outdoor oasis to enjoy a pint or cocktail while spending quality time with friends without leaving your backyard.

Transform Your Backyard with an Aarons Shed

With simple upgrades and creativity, a basic garden shed can transform into nearly anything – a greenhouse, art studio, home gym or entertaining space for guests. This article explored ten clever ways to make your shed functional and valuable.

Enhancing your backyard shed includes added enjoyment from new hobbies, increased home value, and year-round functionality. Whether you need extra storage, a quiet spot for relaxation, or more space for the kids, an Aarons shed can transform to suit your lifestyle.

Our team helps select the perfect shed and customize the interior to match your needs. The possibilities are endless when you upgrade your outdated shed into a new, inviting space for work, play, or everyday living. Contact Aarons Outdoor today and transform your backyard with a customized shed designed just for you.

With Aarons, you can quickly turn a basic garden shed into something special that unlocks the full potential of your outdoor space.

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