10 Ways To Transform Your Garden Shed

If you’re needing some extra space outside of the house, why not consider buying a garden shed. They are a simple and easy way to add a bit of extra value to your backyard. If you thought they’re just for tools, garden sheds can be used for so much more.
Here are 10 different uses for garden sheds:

  1. Workshops

Need a workshop in your yard but don’t quite have space? A garden shed will still offer lots of space, without taking over the whole garden. Workshops will allow you to store tools, books, whatever you need to get those DIY projects done.

  1. An Art Studio

Artists often need some privacy when creating their masterpieces. You don’t want to leave your artwork lying around the house, where it can potentially be ruined. Garden sheds can easily be transformed into art studios. There’s enough space to complete all your art projects, whether that be painting, photographing or sculpting.

  1.  A Greenhouse

With the right materials, you can turn your backyard shed into a fully functional greenhouse. You’ll just need to ensure your shed has a transparent roof so the plants get enough sun. Once that’s taken care of, all you have to do is fill the room with plants. You can even go the extra step and introduce temperature control to make sure the plants in your greenhouse grow to their full potential.

  1. Entertainment Space

Maybe your kids are a few teenagers who can’t wait to get out of the house and need their own space. To give them a bit more independence, turn the backyard shed into an entertainment space. Simply get a couch, chairs or bean bags, a television and some speakers and you’ll be set. You could even turn it into a game room, by simply adding a pool table or ping pong table. This is the perfect space to hang out with friends.

  1. Home Office

If you’re starting your own business or you work from home, you can have your own space by transforming the backyard shed. Many businesses have started out of garden sheds. This gives you your own space to completely focus on work without the distractions you may face within the house. Without a television or other family members, you’ll be able to completely concentrate and get to work in your private office, without even leaving the property.

  1. Home Gym

Gyms can often be expensive or aren’t accessible. Avoid paying those membership fees and build your own gym within your backyard shed. You can customise it to have the equipment you need – whether you enjoy cardio and need a treadmill, weightlifting machines or a punching bag. A large garden shed will be able to cater for your needs. You’ll be able to remain fit and healthy without needing to travel anywhere.

  1. Children’s Playhouse

Sometimes young children need their own space too. Why not turn your backyard shed into a children’s playhouse. Help boost their imagination by turning the shed into a real-life dollhouse. Decorate the shed with their favourite toys and paint the inside their favourite colour. This means your children will be able to leave the house to play even when the weather isn’t good. Your children will be sure to be entertained for hours right in their backyard.

  1. Pool House

For those that have a pool, you can customise your garden shed into a pool house. Collect some towels, snacks, drinks, hats and sunscreen and you’ll have a complete pool house. This will be perfect for when you’re entertaining friends and family during summer.

  1. Meditation space

Maybe yoga is more your thing – simply spread out a yoga mat, light a few candles, and you’ve got a meditation space. You’ll be able to get some much-needed relaxation time without having to pay to go to a yoga studio.

  1. An outdoor pub

If you want to entertain your guests, why not turn the shed into a mini outdoor pub? Simply insert a bar counter, some stools, and stock up a mini fridge with drinks and you’ll have an entertainment area within your backyard.   
These are just some of the ways you can add a little something extra to your backyard shed to impress your family and friends. A backyard shed is the cost effective way to make sure your backyard stands out.
Aarons Outdoor Living has a range of sheds that work to enhance the look and feel of your backyard. At Aarons we let you choose the style and finish of the garden shed, so there will be one that’s perfect for every yard. Contact Aarons Outdoor Living today to get the garden shed for you.  

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