How To Show Your Respect At Home This ANZAC Day

This ANZAC Day, why not show your respect by hosting a get together at your own house? After attending the morning events, parades or commemorations, why not head back to your place with a group of friends or family.
Here are some ways you can commemorate ANZAC Day:

Host a gunfire breakfast

The gunfire breakfast originated during World War One and was the breakfast soldiers had prior to going into battle. The meal usually consisted of biscuits and jam or coffee laced with rum or condensed milk. This has become somewhat of a traditional meal over the years, with many RSL clubs serving a gunfire breakfast on ANZAC day every year. The breakfast has evolved to include bacon, sausages, eggs, beans, tomatoes, damper, and tea. If you’re up for it, you can even add the rum to your coffee.
For decorations, serve food in Australian treat boxes or serve the food and drinks on blue and red plates and cups.
This ANZAC Day, head out to the dawn service and bring your friends or family back to your place for a gunfire breakfast.

Lunch in the garden

Source: ABACUS

You’ve watched the morning parade and held a one minute of silence. Afterward, why not enjoy a lunch in your backyard full of ANZAC Day plants.
Some remembrance plants include:

  • Red poppy: More strongly associated with Remembrance Day, the red poppy is becoming more commonly linked to ANZAC Day. Decorate your table, entertainment area or backyard with poppies to mark the occasion.
  • Rosemary: wild rosemary grew on the Gallipoli peninsula, and has long been used as a symbol of remembrance. If you’re considering growing rosemary, they don’t take up much space and can be grown in large or small bunches.
  • White lillies: this is another popular flower for remembrance. There are lots of colours and shapes available to choose from, so the lily is sure to brighten up your yard.

Dinner on the deck

Super-fluffy marshmallow pavlova

Source: Taste

After all the ANZAC Day commemorations are over, why not host a barbecue or dinner on the deck. Some ways to decorate your deck for the occasion include:

  • Centrepieces: to liven up your table, remember to include an ANZAC Day themed centrepiece. Ideas for centerpieces include red poppies, rosemary or even a wreath.
  • Flag: show your patriotism by displaying an Australian flag. Simple options include flags on toothpicks which can be placed in cheese, cakes or muffins or have flags on your napkins, paper plates, and cups.
  • The Ode of Remembrance: this is a poem by Laurence Binyon which is recited on ANZAC Day. Complete your decorations with a copy of the poem used as placemats or a table runner.

You don’t have to stick to the normal sausages and burgers – there are lots of ideas for food to serve at an ANZAC Day dinner. For a side dish, combine cultures and serve vegemite and cheese on Turkish bread. Consider serving Australian-themed dishes such as meat pies, damper, or meat infused with rosemary. Top off your meals with a pavlova for dessert.
Keep in mind that ANZAC Day is a time for reflection and remembrance, so don’t forget to include a one-minute silence during your own commemorations.

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