Interior Design Ideas To Freshen Up Your Workspace

You’ve just purchased a Workshop. Perhaps you’re using it as a home office. Perhaps it’s more of a living or entertainment area. However, it’s interior design is lacking and you need something extra to freshen it up.
Here are some interior design ideas to help you freshen up your workspace:


Plants are proven to boost creativity and improve moods. So why not invest in some plants for your workshop? Just make sure you can remember to water it! If you’re worried about your plant dying, consider an air plant, which requires zero maintenance.  Having live plants in your workshop will help your creative thinking and make the room look that much nicer.


If you haven’t painted the interior of your workshop yet, make sure you carefully consider the colour scheme. Research shows that the hue of your office will have a powerful effect on your mood. Choose a colour depending on what goal you’re trying to achieve. Purple helps to boost creativity, green helps concentration, while red and orange are energising. Consider something other than white next time you’re painting your workshop.



Source: Apartment Therapy

In order to concentrate and achieve the best work possible, you’re going to want some good lighting installed in your workshop. Research shows that dim lighting helps people to feel less constrained and more open to taking risks. If you’re working in a creative environment, this is definitely something to consider.
There are several different lighting setups you can consider for your home office. This includes using natural light, overhead or built-in lights, a task light or even ambient light. You can get creative with different light shades and make it more of a feature.

Colourful storage


Source: CountryLiving

You don’t want an office space that is full of mess and clutter. It not only looks unsightly but is sure to lower productivity. Instead, consider some colourful storage solutions. Invest in some simple shelving and a few boxes. Instead of just plain cardboard choose boxes in a colour scheme of your choice. This will cause you to organise your office while also adding a bit of colour and freshening up the workplace.     


Add some extra colour to your office with some curtains. Don’t get distracted by the sun on your desk or the workshop getting too hot. Simply pick up some fabric and create your own curtains with a pattern that stands out.  

Inspiration board

Adding an inspiration board onto a wall in your workshop is a quick and easy way to decorate the office. It will also help you remember your goals and what you’re working towards. All you have to do is pick up a pinboard to place behind your desk or mount to a wall and add any photographs or images that inspire you. You’ll be achieving your dreams in no time, while also livening up your workshop.

Photo frames


Put your decor in cheap matching frames for an easy upgrade.

Source: Buzzfeed

Pick up some matching photo frames to put on your desk or the walls of your workshop. This is sure to make your walls look a bit more interesting and lively. It also allows for your office to be a bit more personable, as you can fill the frames with your own photographs of your friends, family, animals or travels.

Couches and chairs

If you’re using your workshop as a home office, you’re going to need a comfortable chair. Add a bit of colour to your office space by picking a chair that matches the colour scheme of your workshop.  
If you have more of an entertainment space or will be having guests to the workshop, you may need to consider buying a couch. Pick a bold colour to make your couch stand out. Choose a corner couch if you still need some extra space in the workshop.
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