10 Ways Workshops Can Increase Your Productivity

Have a workshop but not taking full advantage of it? Did you know it could actually help you increase your productivity?
Here are a few secrets that you can use in your workshop to help boost productivity:

1. Add some plants

Did you know that it’s been proven that there is a significant relationship between green plants and workplace attitude? If you’re using your work environment as a home office or a study area, make sure to include some green plants. If possible, set up your desk with a view of the garden, as this is also proven to improve productivity and reduce stress levels.

2. Includes some scents

Smell is our strongest sense and, therefore, one of the main influences of brain activity. Next time you need a boost in your productivity levels, grab some candles or incense. Consider using lemon to boost concentration levels or peppermint for clear thinking.

3. Declutter

With all the extra space you’ll get with a workshop, there’s no reason to have a cluttered physical workspace! There’s nothing worse than trying to work amongst huge piles of unorganised papers. You can use the extra space to have shelves with boxes of files and papers, rather than having them on a desk. If you’re using your workshop for more practical purposes, it offers a great space to hang and organise garden tools rather than have them cluttered in a garage.

4. Streamline workflow

In a traditional workplace, you’re going to end up interrupted by other people, and your work tasks will take longer to be completed. Fortunately, in a workshop, you will be able to work uninterrupted, and your work will be finished faster.

Planning is an important part of improving productivity. Plan your staffing ahead of time. Plan weeks ahead. Remember, a plan can be revisited. If things are not running smoothly, update the plan.

5. Reduction in stress

We all know that stress can hinder productivity levels. Working from home can seem ideal to some, but it can cause immense stress to others, as there’s no separation between work and home. Having your office in a workshop, rather than within the home, separates the two places, leaving your home just as a personal space rather than an office.

6. Distraction free

You may have family members, kids or housemates distracting you from your work within the house. There’s also the constant temptation to just watch television instead of working. Remove yourself from these distractions by having a backyard workshop as a dedicated workplace.

7. Not wasting time travelling

We all lose valuable time travelling to and from the workplace. After getting up early and being stuck in traffic, you’re often tired or cranky by the time you get to the office. Eliminate this by having your workplace in your backyard. Now you can spend more time completing work, and less time sitting in traffic.

8. Designed for what you need

Instead of trying to cram an office desk into the corner of your house, with a workshop you get to start with a blank canvas. You’ll have enough space to fit in whatever you need! No matter what you’re using your workshop for, you can ensure there will be enough room for everything. You won’t need to waste time looking for a tool or important paper when everything has a dedicated space.

9. Paint your workshop

The great thing about having a workshop is you can decorate it any way you want! You’re not restricted to a cubicle in an office. An important factor is your workshop’s colour, as this can affect your mood and productivity. Choose colours such as green and blue for efficiency and focus or a mellow yellow for optimism and innovation. Avoid colours such as grey, beige and white, as these can evoke sadness and depression.

10. Fill the workshop with inspiration

Sometimes it’s easy to lose motivation when completing a task. To avoid this, fill your workshop with things inspiring and encouraging you to keep going. It doesn’t matter what it is – whether it’s a motivational poster, photographs of friends or family, or images of your completed project. These will help you to keep up your motivation and productivity.
Think you need a workshop to help your productivity? Aarons Outdoor Living offers a range of workshops. With 18 different sizes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that is the perfect fit for your needs and backyard.

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