Aarons Outdoor Bali Hut Buying Guide

Bali Huts are fun ways to inject a tropical feel into any backyard. Not only do they look great, but they come with many added benefits such as offering shelter, so you can enjoy the outdoors all [...]

Why Re-Thatching is Not a DIY Job

Having a thatched roof on your Bali Hut or African Thatch gives a fantastic exotic feel to any backyard, and can quickly transform something dull into a tropical paradise. However, from time to [...]

The History Of The Bali Hut

Bali Huts are a transformative backyard feature that adds a touch of exotic charm to any outdoor space. These traditional huts have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a unique [...]

Why You Should Invest In A Bali Hut

Everyone needs a well-deserved holiday. When we think about a holiday, we think about kicking back at a tropical Bali getaway. We dream about blue skies, fresh air and relaxing under the shade of [...]