7 Key Elements of a Period Style Pergola

Like their homes, many homeowners opt for a certain style for their back garden. This can be vivacious and modern or minimalistic. A period-style look is making a comeback, especially to match [...]

7 Key Elements to a Modern Pergola

Pergolas are a popular backyard feature that many Australians are opting for. They are incredibly versatile, offering a place to relax out of the harsh sun, host a party or even somewhere to park [...]

The 8 Best Plants to Grow Under Your Pergola

Aarons Outdoor Living proudly supplies pergolas to Australian backyards, adding a covered, shady area that is perfect for entertaining, keeping a spa or even a space to park vehicles. While these [...]

How to Clean Your Pergola

Many homeowners invest in vinyl pergolas and other structures to enhance their outdoor living spaces. However, these fixtures can accumulate stubborn stains, dust and grime over time, detracting [...]

Summer Pergola Party Essentials

With the Australian summer fast approaching, it’s time to take advantage of that beautiful back garden of yours, break open the barbeque and invite friends and family around for an overdue [...]

5 Benefits Of Having A Backyard Pergola

Every once in awhile you might feel the desire to upgrade your backyard. Among the many options you could go for, an option worthwhile mentioning is the addition of a backyard Pergola. If you [...]

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