6 Ways to use Your Backyard Room

Having a backyard studio is a fantastic way of utilising an area of the backyard for more useable space. These fantastic structures are extremely versatile and can be used in numerous ways. If you are considering a backyard studio or have one that could be re-purposed, here are some ideas to inspire you on how to make the most out of your space.

1. Home Office

Do you ever work from home? While it sounds great, working from home can come with a lot of distractions. Turning your backyard studio into a designated working space will help you stay focused. To make your workspace even more user-friendly, set up a bench table on your verandah to give you another space to work when you need some fresh air and sunlight as shown above.

2. A Sometimes Sanctuary

Sometimes it’s great to have a place to just escape to, one that is all your own, made up the way you like, that you can just relax in. Add a couch or a few comfortable chairs like bean bags, a bookshelf, a radio where your favourite music can be played, and you have a peaceful sanctuary. But there’s no need to just sit around in your own personal space. Turn it into a yoga studio with padded mats where you can do yoga and meditate in peace. Alternatively, add some gym equipment for your own personal home gym.

3. Man Cave

Are you an avid DIYer? Then consider turning your studio into a workshop. While many people work with wood and other DIY materials in the garage, sometimes this isn’t viable, especially if you’re using your garage to store the car. A workshop can have drawers and shelves to keep all your tools and materials. Because you’re sat away from the house too, you won’t have to worry about making too much noise. Change the flooring to something cement-based for easy cleanup and install bigger doors to help you get wood and large tools/equipment in and out.

4. Gardener’s Studio

Have a green thumb? Why not create a garden room to give you and your plants some respite from the sun’s rays? Growth for certain plants can be fostered and cared for in shaded conditions. Add shelves for different plants and hooks where beautiful hanging baskets can thrive. You can add a few extra windows if you choose to make it more like a greenhouse with more sunlight shining through, or you can extend sills to house plants that may need a little extra sunshine. A gardener’s studio is a great place to work on days where the heat is relentless, allowing you to spend time doing what you love but out of the harsh sunlight.

5. Pool Room

Need a shady space to cool off after a day in the sun? Convert your Outdoor Room into a poolside retreat, perfect for storing towels, housing pool loungers and other essentials such as a bar fridge filled with your beverage of choice. Include a verandah, and you have created an additional pergola style space to entertain, or simply watch the view over your own patch of paradise. Invites are always welcome….

6. Creative Space

Creative types will rejoice in their own space to have some peace and make a mess while they work on their craft. Whether your passion is photography, painting or just tinkering, having a space to keep your hobby materials away from the house is a fantastic option to have. More windows will give you plenty of natural light to get creative in. Be sure to decorate the studio in a way that will help get those creative juices flowing!

Aarons Outdoor have thousands of options to allow you to customise the perfect Outdoor Room to work with your chosen aesthetic and preferred budget. Contact our helpful team or view our Outdoor Rooms range online.

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