8 Amazing Wedding Arbours

The outdoors sometimes makes the most beautiful setting for exchanging vows, which is why outdoor weddings are very popular. An arbour is the perfect kind of structure to have that not only acts as a focal point but also allows you to personalise your outdoor wedding setting. How you decide to decorate it is entirely up to you and should represent your personal style. Here are a few amazing wedding arbours to help inspire you.

Types of Arbours

Heart-shaped arch with fairy lights

Nothing represents love more than hearts, so having a heart shape arbour is truly a lovely idea. Wires can be added to meet in the middle from the top of the arch, giving that rounded heart look where the two sides meet. Hang foliage and flowers to the wires and sides of the arbour along with fairy lights to accent this shape, creating the perfect point where couples can say “I do.”

Ribbon curtain

If your wedding location is a bit windy, a ribbon curtain really looks pretty. Simply hang ribbons along the top in a variety of colours and let them flutter in the wind, creating a colourful spectacle.

Double door entrance

Consider adding two old stable doors to the front of an arbour with a welcome sign to help direct guests to the wedding area. This can be made into a rustic style with weathered doors and handpainted “Entrance” sign over the top or made more modern with white painted doors with a flower trim and elegant signage. Despite it being outside, guests will love this door be the “gateway” to the event.

Sheer curtains with flowers

Use sheer white material to drape over the top of the arbour and down the sides. Gather the sides and tie them back like a curtain on the posts. Add bouquets of pastel coloured flowers at these ties and along the top.

Rustic chandelier

Bring some of the best indoor elements outside as part of your arbour. Add a rustic chandelier in the arbour. You can use battery-operated candles in them to really add to the atmosphere (we don’t recommend lighting real candles that close to your wooden arbour!), or if you can, connect it to electric for a continuous glow that adds soft lighting. Add a few flowers along the top and sides, but not too much to take away from the chandelier element.

Simple drape and flowers

Similar to the curtains idea, this draped look with flowers is a lot simpler yet makes such a statement. The top and sides of the arbour are draped with a sheer white material while bold bouquets on the corners inject colour. This look is easy yet sophisticated and is popular for breezy spots overlooking the beach, making it look even more whimsical.

Overgrown foliage

Your arbour can look part of the natural surroundings with an overgrown look. Really pack the posts and top of the arbour with foliage and flowers to make a bold statement that stands out, yet still has a natural and elegant feel.

Twigs and lights

If you want to stick to something natural and like the rustic look, then simple twigs are perfect giving a great forest-like feel, the long twigs cover the sides and roof of the arbour. Accent these with fairy lights for a glamorous look and feel.
Arbours aren’t just great for weddings. They’re a fabulous feature that is welcoming in front of the home or as a peaceful, shaded retreat in the backyard. Aarons Outdoor Living can help you add a sense of sophistication to your home with your very own arbour that is made to order. Using only the best materials available to create arbours in a wide range of styles, we can create something special to your specifications to be used every day and decorated for special events like a wedding. Get that “WOW” factor with an arbour from Aarons Outdoor Living. Contact us today get started in creating yours.
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