How Aarons Grew To Become A Household Name

Aarons Outdoor Living has become a household name in backyard makeovers and renovations over the past 22 years. Starting building dog kennels in a carport, Aarons has grown into the leading provider of entertainment products to create the ultimate backyard. From cubby houses and playgrounds to Bali huts and pergolas, Aarons can transform any decent-sized backyard into an entertaining space to enjoy with family and retain guests.

W T T Y G SThe business had humble beginnings in the late 90s when Aaron Giddings built his first dog kennel in his parents’ carport, selling it for $90. From there, Aarons expanded into leasing a small factory and hiring initial staff as the business grew from dog kennels into manufacturing cubby houses.

Aaron quickly learned essential lessons about costing, hiring and delegating work. These key learnings laid the foundation for Aarons to become its renowned Australian brand today, with 11 stores nationwide specialising in backyard makeovers.

Humble Beginnings

The idea for Aarons Outdoor Living started 22 years ago in Aaron Giddings’ parents’ carport, where he built his first dog kennel and sold it for $90. This humble beginning marked the inception of what would become Australia’s leading provider of backyard products.

After successfully selling his handmade dog kennels, Aaron expanded the business by leasing a small factory space and hiring his first employees. In these early days, Aaron learned some crucial lessons that would prove foundational to the future growth of Aarons.

H A G T B A H NOne key lesson was the importance of correctly pricing jobs and products. Aaron initially undercharged for his dog kennels, not adequately accounting for materials, time and labour. He soon realised he needed to price products at a level that covered costs and allowed for profitability.

Additionally, Aaron learned that hiring unskilled workers posed challenges for producing quality products efficiently. This made him more selective in recruiting workers with relevant skills and experience.

Delegating work appropriately was another critical lesson as the business expanded. Aaron couldn’t continue making all the dog kennels himself – he needed to delegate tasks to employees based on their capabilities.

These vital lessons in the fledgling days of the business laid the groundwork for the future growth and success of Aarons Outdoor Living as it expanded into the trusted Australian brand it is today.

Growth Into a Leading Supplier

Over the past 22 years, Aarons Outdoor Living has grown from its humble beginnings into the leading supplier of outdoor living products it is today. This growth involved expanding the product range far beyond the original dog kennels that started all those years ago.

Key milestones included introducing cubby houses and playgrounds to the product lineup. This allowed Aarons to position itself as a one-stop shop for backyard and outdoor entertainment. The product range continued diversifying over the years to include studios, workshops, sheds and more.


H A G T B A H NAnother significant milestone was expanding by opening multiple stores across Australia. Aarons now has 11 stores nationwide, making its products available nationwide to customers.

Additionally, Aarons focused on becoming the top manufacturer and supplier of Australian-made backyard products. This involved investing in local manufacturing capabilities and ensuring the highest quality local materials are used.

Thanks to these efforts, Aarons Outdoor Living has become the market leader it is today. The company supplies many things for creating the ultimate backyard entertaining and relaxation destination. From playgrounds to cubby houses to studios, Aarons can create backyards Australians love.

Giving Back to the Community

Aarons Outdoor Living has been committed to giving back to the community for over 22 years. This dedication to community service is highlighted by the company’s involvement in numerous philanthropic initiatives over the years.

One example was renovating the backyard of the Blacktown Women’s and Girls’ Health Centre by donating a play cottage to provide a comfortable breastfeeding spot for mothers. Aarons also assisted Channel Nine’s telethon through the Nundah Cottages renovation project, with over 100 volunteers helping transform the space.


The company supported Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘Pimp My Cubby’ event, donating a cubby house to a grieving family who had lost their father. Aarons also presented a cubby to another family who had lost their police officer father after a call for help from A Current Affair.

Additionally, Aaron Giddings has personally supported various children’s charities, including The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Kids Helpline, Reach, Variety, Make A Wish, Taralye and Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia.

From renovating community spaces to supporting needy children, Aarons has contributed to many philanthropic causes that help Australians. This exemplifies the company’s dedication to giving back and making a positive difference through community involvement.

After over two decades, Aarons Outdoor continues to look for opportunities to assist charitable initiatives as part of its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Bring Your Backyard Dreams to Life with Aarons Outdoor Living

Aarons Outdoor has grown from humble beginnings into the leading supplier of Australian-made backyard products while maintaining a solid commitment to community service. With 11 stores nationwide producing top-quality cubby houses, playgrounds, studios and more, Aarons can bring your backyard dreams to life.

If you want to create the ultimate backyard entertaining and relaxation destination, look no further than Aarons Outdoor. As Australia’s premier provider of backyard products for over 22 years and running, Aarons strives to serve the Australian community by providing quality, affordable backyard solutions.

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