Cool Your Backyard Living With a Thatched Roof Gazebo From Aarons

Feel like you’re on a tropical island getaway right in your backyard with the natural cooling abilities of a thatched roof Bali Hut. Handwoven from traditional grasses, a Bali Hut’s thatched roofing creates shade that is an estimated 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding air.

Aarons Outdoor Living offers a spectrum of Bali Hut sizes and design options to transform your patio into a personal paradise. Our African Thatch structures provide similar heat relief and exotic styling with their distinctive tightly layered Cape Reed roofing in safari hues. With quality construction from rot-resistant pine and stability straps, our thatch gazebos withstand the elements while lowering temperatures so you can comfortably extend outdoor living.

If you want to add a cooling oasis with a taste of the tropics or savanna to your backyard, Aarons selection of Bali Huts and African Thatch structures provide natural insulated shade solutions. Keep reading to learn more about these products’ unique benefits, customization possibilities, and how they can give a cooler setting for your outdoor leisure.

Benefits of Thatched Roofs

Thatch roofing offers numerous advantages for outdoor living areas. The tightly woven layers of natural grasses like Alang Alang or Cape Reed create ventilation and airflow, allowing heat to escape and breezes to enter. This results in surroundings that are up to 10 degrees cooler than outdoor spaces exposed to direct sun.

C Y B L W A T R G F AThatch also provides excellent sun protection and weather resistance. The materials breathe better than solid roofs, allowing rainwater to run off quickly. Thatched huts and gazebos have a beautiful natural aesthetic, bringing a touch of the tropics or safari to backyards. Their environmentally friendly composition makes them a sustainable choice. With cooling abilities, weather protection, and distinctive style, thatch roofing enhances comfort and ambience for outdoor entertainment areas.

Aarons Bali Hut Range

The roofs of our Bali Hut structures are handwoven from Alang-Alang, a traditional Indonesian grass known for its durability, insulation, and tropical aesthetic. Skilled artisans harvest and process the grass to create a tightly layered water-resistant thatch material. This all-natural roofing regulates temperature, provides airflow, and lends an exotic vibe.

Aarons Bali Huts are available in standard sizes ranging from 3×3 meters up to 4×5 meters to suit patios and yards of all shapes. Custom sizes can also be designed for unique spaces. The sturdy pine wood frame is treated to resist rot, mildew and termite damage. Structures are further stabilized with stainless steel hurricane straps secured to concrete footings.

C Y B L W A T R G F AElevated decking can be added to raise the Bali Hut floor above ground level. Handcrafted wood decking creates a smooth surface while allowing rain runoff. Add lighting, ceiling fans, and decor touches like flower boxes, curtains or privacy screens to complete your tropical escape.

With their breezy palm-frond style roofs and decorative wood accents, our Bali Huts infuse backyards with tropical flavour. Their natural insulation keeps the interior cooler during hot summer months for dining, lounging or gatherings with friends. Transform your patio into a Balinese-style oasis.

Aarons African Thatch Range

Our African Thatch structures feature genuine South African Cape Reed roofing for an exotic safari vibe. This natural reed is densely packed into layers, with new growth harvested each season to maintain thickness. The varying golden hues and tightly bundled texture create a look unique to African Thatch.

Our African Thatch is available in the same versatile sizes as our Bali Huts, ranging from 3×3 meters up to 4×5 meters, with custom sizes also possible. The sturdy pine framework is treated for longevity outdoors and secured with steel strapping. Optional decking can seamlessly connect the structure to patios or yards.

C Y B L W A T R G F AThis authentic thatched roofing is well-suited for withstanding intense sunlight, rain showers, and wind gusts. The dense layered reeds have natural insulating abilities, keeping interiors more relaxed in summer. With its distinct safari-style roof, our African Thatch brings an exotic flair to outdoor areas for dining, relaxation or gatherings.

Appropriately installed with periodic maintenance, these beautiful natural roofing materials can last over 15 years. For a taste of Africa that provides durable shelter from the elements, our African Thatch creates an eye-catching focal point for outdoor living areas.

Bali Huts and African Thatches

Make your thatched structure truly your own with customization options:

  • Stain the pine framework in natural wood tones or colours that complement your home.
  • Add lighting, ceiling fans, and speakers for ambience and comfort.
  • Install roll-down vinyl panels or removable screens for adjustable privacy and weather protection.
  • Incorporate clear acrylic roof panels for stargazing on clear nights.
  • Furnish the interior with handpicked pieces like daybeds, hammocks, sectionals, dining sets, and more to create your personalized tropical getaway or safari lounge.

The possibilities are endless for tailoring our thatch structures to match your unique style and needs.

Installation and Maintenance of Thatched Structures

While smaller thatch structures can be DIY projects, we recommend professional installation for optimal security and longevity. Periodically treating the Thatch with fire retardant and UV protectants will maintain its integrity. Monthly internal framework, hardware, and steel strapping inspections will ensure stability. Any loose sections of grass or reed should be promptly re-secured.

C Y B L W A T R G F AIn areas prone to extreme weather, thatch components may need to be disassembled and stored before major storms or high winds. With proper installation and care, your thatched roof can provide lasting beauty, shade, and natural cooling for years of backyard enjoyment. Contact us to learn more about our installation and maintenance services.

Escape to Paradise with Aarons Thatched Structures!

Visit our website to view the complete range of Bali and African-inspired structures. Please stop by our stores to experience these beautiful shade solutions firsthand. Our team eagerly assists with personalized design services and professional local installation. Extend your living space outdoors with a thatched escape from Aarons. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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