Your Guide to Aarons Aussie Made Steel Fire Pits

Buying a Fire Pit?  We’ve created this guide to purchasing the best fire pits.

Firstly, Aarons Fire Pits come in 3 sizes – all of which are taller than most other fire pits on the market which make them safer for children and pets as well as creating a stunning feature in your backyard.

If you’d like to view our fire pits before purchasing, we have a display store in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Australian Spun Steel

Unlike many fire pits on the market, our fire pits are made in Australia from Australian spun steel – by one of the oldest and largest metal spinners in Australia!
Aarons Fire pits are available in either our most popular Corten Steel for the lowest maintenance option or the Pot Belly Black option for those looking for a sleek black fire pit.  We can also do custom requests for a stainless steel fire pit option.
Are Steel Fire Pits better than Cast Iron Fire Pits?
Steel Fire Pits are very strong and sturdy without having the weight of cast iron which makes those fire pits practically impossible to move.
You’ll find with Cast Iron Fire Pits you won’t be able to put out the fire before you go to bed with water as the sudden changes in temperature will cause the cast iron to crack.  This is where Steel Fire Pits are the safer superior choice.
Your choice of Steel for your fire pit:
  • 3mm Corten Steel(Rust Patina) – Recommended for a maintenance free option.
  • 4mm Mild Steel (Black Finish). Please note that the painted finish of this product requires maintenance to maintain its appearance.
  • Copper (custom request, please allow 8 weeks)
  • Stainless Steel (custom request, please allow 8 weeks)

Corten Steel is our FAVOURITE option for fire pits as it’s very low maintenance.  Corten Steel develops a stable rust look patina which protects the steel without the use of paints.  The naturally occurring rusty look oxidisation will change and evolve over time, no two fire pits are the same!

Personalise Your Fire Pit

At Aarons, all our fire pits can be personalised.  We only keep a few fire pits in stock on display at a time so if you’d like a specific style for your fire pit, place your order today.  Our ordering process takes about 4 weeks depending on your location.

All of our fire pits come with the option of:
  • Raw, Rolled or Flanged edge
  • Square or Round base
You also have the option of buying a lid with your fire pit, we have a choice of:
  • Domed
  • Flat

All Aarons Fire Pit will come with a hole at the base to allow for ash or rain to fall through.

Ordering and Collection - Can I have my Pit Today?

If Veruca Salt comes to mind ‘I want it NOW daddy’ when you think of your new fire pit, then you’re in luck!  Most of our store keep a few different fire pits on display so you’re able to pop in and take one home today.

However if you are looking to personalise the design of your fire pit or if you’d like to watch the Corten Steel turn from shiny to rustic patina yourself, then you can place an order via email, over the phone or in store.  The timeframe of the order will differ based on your location.  For example if you’re in Melbourne where our spinner factory is located, you can expect a shorter turn around at about a fortnight than those in Brisbane, Sydney or Adelaide.


Are Aarons Firepits Australian Made?

Yes. Our factory is based in Melbourne and we are proud to offer a product made from quality Australian Steel, unlike the majority of imports on the market. Our supply chain is extremely solid as we source all of our products locally, which also helps us (and you) reduce your carbon footprint.

What is the difference between Corten and Pot Belly Black?

Corten is steel which is designed to rust over time, creating a warm patina. Pot Belly Black is a painted finish which coats the steel, and can be touched up over time to maintain the finish.

How long until I receive my Aarons Firepit?

Because we have 36 different options available, we generally custom make your order. Our manufacturing and delivery lead times are around 3 weeks, however you might be lucky – we may have just what you are looking for in store! We will be able to advise you before you order

Can I cook with my fire pit?

Yes, our Corten steel fire pits are able to cook over.  You could use either a still grill plate or an over fire pot hanger.

Do Aarons Fire Pits have a hole?

Yes, all our fire pits come with a hole at the base to help with ash clearing and allow for rain or water to wash through.

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