How to Incorporate Huts in Your Beach-Themed Bar


Are you ready to transform your bar into a tropical oasis? Adding a grass hut is easy and affordable to bring a touch of the islands to your outdoor space. These breezy structures made from natural materials create a relaxed, beachside vibe perfect for entertaining. 

Strategically placed near your bar, pool, or seating area, a grass hut provides shade and character. You can customise its look with tiki accents and lighting to enhance the island feel. Let your outdoor area become a Polynesian-inspired oasis.

This article will cover using grass huts to inject a tropical look and feel into your outdoor area. We’ll discuss optimal placement, customisation ideas like tiki torches and nautical rope work, ambience considerations with lighting, and how the experts at Aarons Outdoor can help execute your vision. Learn how this classic beachside structure can transform your space into an escape.

Capture a Tropical Oasis Vibe

A grass hut introduces a breezy, tropical look perfect for transforming your space into an island-inspired oasis. These structures, made from natural materials like grass, bamboo, and wood, create a relaxed vibe reminiscent of a beachside cabana.

Strategically placed in your outdoor dining space, a grass hut infuses character and provides shade for lounging or entertaining. Swaying grass walls and a peekaboo thatched roof evoke the easygoing atmosphere of a tropical getaway. As a focal point near your bar, seating area, or pool, a grass hut establishes the overall island aesthetic.

Custom touches like tiki torches, nautical rope work, and palm prints enhance the tropical theme. Your grass hut can become an immersive Polynesian-style escape with the right additions. Create your local paradise with this classic beachside structure. A grass hut offers an affordable, low-maintenance way to bring the languid feeling of island life to your business.


Strategically Place Your Grass Hut

When incorporating a grass hut into your space, carefully consider placement to maximise enjoyment. When selecting an optimal spot, consider foot traffic, furniture layouts, and your grass hut’s purpose.

Choose a private, peaceful location away from the commotion of your restaurant or main space for a hut primarily used for lounging and relaxing. Place it near lush plants and water features to complement the tropical ambience—position lounging furniture inside to create a personal refuge.

For more of a social, entertaining hut, situate it close to your furniture and bar. The nearby seating and drinks will facilitate gathering and conversation. You may also opt to place tables and chairs within your hut.

Consider sunlight patterns to ensure your hut receives filtered light and shade throughout the day. Face the opening opposite the early morning sun to prevent harsh rays. Nearby tree coverage also helps moderate sunlight and temperature.

Be sure to check regulations on structure placement and leave enough clearance from fences and plants. Proper positioning will help your grass hut blend seamlessly into your living space, creating a Polynesian-inspired oasis at work.


Customise with Tiki Touches

A grass hut establishes a tropical vibe, but you can take the island aesthetic even further with fun accents and decor. Tiki torches, nautical ropes, bamboo furnishings, and rustic wood textures create an immersive Polynesian feel.

For lighting, incorporate flickering tiki torches around the perimeter of your hut. The glowing fire pits reinforce the local paradise motif once the sun goes down. You can also string up paper lanterns for a relaxed cafe vibe.

Use nautical rope to add authenticity to your grass walls. Crisscross the interior with lengths of rope in natural fibres for an oceanfront look. Display fishing nets, seashells, and reclaimed driftwood you gathered yourself for personal touches.

Bamboo furnishings like stools, side tables, and window coverings complement the natural grass hut materials. For extra ambience, adorn the space with patterned sarongs, tropical printed pillows, and faux palm fronds.

With thoughtful tiki accents and decor, your grass hut becomes a fully realised island escape. The transportive quality allows you to host guests in style with a unique Polynesian-inspired structure.


Light It Up

Proper lighting takes your grass hut’s ambience to the next level once the sun goes down. Use a mix of lighting sources to create a luminous oasis after dark.

String lights are a must for a dreamy, festive look. Drape clear globes or paper lanterns from the interior ceiling and along the outside eaves. This twinkling overhead lighting instantly makes the space more magical at night.

Candles lend a romantic, peaceful glow. Cluster flameless LED candles on side tables and windowsills to generate a soft ambient light. For safety, use battery-operated candles rather than traditional wicks.

Fire pits, tiki torches, and tabletop fire bowls encircle the hut with enchanting flickering light. Place a few outside the entrance and scatter others around the yard to define the space. The glowing firelight enhances the tropical ambience.

Use solar-powered path lights to illuminate the walkway to your hut for convenience and safety. Accent interior nooks with discreet battery-powered fairy lights.

The right lighting transforms your grass hut into a dazzling oasis after dark. Illuminate your island paradise with strings of fire and lamp light for memorable nights outdoors.

Let the Experts at Aarons Outdoor Help

Bringing your grass hut visions to life in your commercial space requires proper materials and construction know-how. The experts at Aarons Outdoor offer custom grass huts to suit your unique space.

Aarons Outdoor constructs high-quality grass huts from durable, natural materials built to last in the elements. Our specialist team advises on optimal placement and drainage based on the specifics of your yard. Feel confident knowing certified builders will handle the installation process with care.

Beyond grass huts, Aarons Outdoor provides all the products and services to outfit your tropical oasis fully. Browse our selection of tiki bars, bamboo fencing, synthetic turf, and fire pits to complete the look. Our in-house designer can help you realise your Polynesian paradise vision.

Contact the team at Aarons Outdoor online or at one of our convenient locations in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria for personalised guidance from planning to completion. With our help, your grass oasis hut becomes an attainable, hassle-free reality.

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