The Most Outrageous Cubbies In The World!

Cubbies are great when you’re a kid. You get to escape the house and spend some time outside. They’re a fantastic way to help expand your child’s imagination. It also gives your kid and their friends their own private area out of the house to hang out.
While most cubbies are generally four walls, maybe a slide or climbing wall if you’re lucky, some people go the extra mile. These will give you serious cubby envy.

Be the envy of the neighbourhood

This one is sure to make you wish you were a kid again just so you could play in it! It has everything you need – the cubby, the slide, the swing set, the basketball hoop, all wrapped around a tree. Your kids and their friends are sure to spend all day playing in their own cubby.

Sail the seven seas!

This one is great for the kids who dream of being a pirate. It includes captain’s quarters, upper and lower decks, and a crow’s nest. Your kids will be sure to get hours of enjoyment out of this. You might just need to buy an eyepatch and parrot to go with it.

Slay some dragons in this castle

This one is perfect for every little prince, princess or knight in shining armour. The castle includes a rock climbing wall and a secret room accessed through the opening in the fireplace. They’ll be fighting off dragons all day in this castle. Now all you’ll need to add is a moat.

Luxury treehouse retreat for the whole family

We’ve saved possibly the most outrageous for last. This one is designed as a retreat for both kids and adults. It includes a treehouse for the kids and a lake house for the adults. The lake house features a private gym and luxury shower room. The luxury package also features rope bridges from each treehouse, a pool, and hand-made waterfall. Perfect for cooling off on a hot summer’s day. For the adults, there’s also specially installed mood lighting across the decking, which can be synced using an iPad system.
BlueForest individually designs each of these luxury cubbies, so you can get one that’s just right for you and your kids. Designs from these guys can set you back a whopping $500,000.
Got some serious cubby house envy now? Thinking how much your kids would love their own cubby house?
Aaron’s Outdoors offers a range of cubbies. We have eight different sizes, four elevation kit heights and various extras that can be added, such as slides, rock walls, scramble nets and fireman’s poles.

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