The Most Outrageous Cubbies In The World!

For generations, cubby houses have been a cherished part of childhood. These miniature playhouses allow kids to enjoy imaginative adventures, bond with friends and have particular outdoor spaces. The classic cubby house typically features four walls, maybe a slide or climbing accessory if you’re lucky. While these offer hours of fun, some families take cubbies to extraordinary new levels.

We’ve all seen the simple wooden cubbies tucked into backyards. But have you witnessed the elaborately themed multi-story cubbies decked out with mind-blowing features? These dream cubby houses spark next-level play, from nautical ships to majestic castles. With customized builds costing upwards of $500k, they’re sure to make your kids green with envy.

We will showcase some of the most outrageously fantastic cubby houses that redefine childhood fun. After viewing their novelty features and ingenious designs, you and your kids may be tempted to upgrade!

Be the Envy of the Neighborhood

This ultimate backyard cubby house is sure to be the envy of your entire neighbourhood! It incorporates every fun feature kids could dream up.

The sprawling two-story cubby is built around a large tree in the yard. Kids can climb the tree branches up into the cubby’s deck. This deck wraps around the tree, connecting to swings and a long, curvy slide. Under the shady canopy, there’s a full basketball court for practising hoops.

Inside, the cubby has multiple rooms and levels to explore. Kids can peek out the second-story windows overlooking their kingdom. And siblings or friends can have sleepovers in the furnished loft bedroom.

T M O C I T WWith all it offers, kids will invent countless games and adventures. During summer, they may play pirates on the deck, then head inside for art projects in the afternoon. They’ll tell ghost stories by flashlight in the cozy sleeping loft at night.

Any child would be thrilled to have this backyard paradise as their playground. With so many activities and amenities, they’d spend all day enjoying the coolest cubby on the block! Parents will be envious that their kids have such a fantastic hangout space, too.

Sail the Seven Seas!

Ahoy matey! This incredible pirate ship cubby house will inspire kids to sail the seven seas on epic imaginary voyages.

The two-story wooden ship has all the features to spark nautical adventures. The upper crow’s nest lookout provides views across the rocky seas. Kids can scope the shores for treasure through the ship’s circular porthole windows. A plank walkway connects the upper and lower decks.

T M O C I T WOf course, a pirate ship needs a mast flag flying high. Kids will fight to be captain and take the helm, steering their vessel by the captain’s wheel. They’ll be transported to the open ocean with pirate flags draped above and the breeze blowing.

After docking at a deserted island, kids will scour the beaches with their spyglasses, seeking buried treasure. At day’s end, they’ll relax in the captain’s quarters, telling tales of their exploits. This magical pirate cubby makes for endless days of exploration and imagination!

Slay Dragons in a Castle

This epic castle cubby house will transport kids back to medieval times, filled with dragons, knights, and adventure.

The regal castle features stone turrets, a working drawbridge, and towering rock-climbing walls. From the parapets, kids can watch for fire-breathing dragons and enemy knights invading their stronghold. They’ll raise the drawbridge and pour boiling oil to defend the castle walls under siege.

T M O C I T WA secret room hides behind the fireplace – perfect for concealing treasures. Kids will re-enact dungeon escapes and sword fights throughout the throne room and grand hall. Decorative finishing touches like coats of arms, suits of armour and royal banners immerse them in medieval roleplay.

After defending the castle from villains, the kids will relax by the fire, retelling their brave conquests. This premium castle cubby makes for many days of courageous adventures, defeating foes and honing battle skills! Their imaginations will set sail into medieval history.

Luxury Treehouse Retreat

This over-the-top luxury treehouse cubby takes family fun to new extremes. The customized lake house design integrates with the natural landscape for total immersion.

The two-part cubby features separate sections for kids and adults. The kids’ treehouse is a majestic Swiss Family Robinson-style enclosure up in the trees. It has multiple levels connected by woven rope bridges over a cascading waterfall.

T M O C I T WThe adults enjoy the sprawling ground-level lake house with a private gym, upscale shower room, and furnished deck overlooking the water. Mood lighting across the deck creates a peaceful ambience that the iPad can control.

The whole family will use this recreational wonderland with swimming, water slides, and sports facilities. It provides a getaway for parents while fostering outdoor play and imagination for kids.

The multi-million dollar price tag reflects the uncompromising quality and custom design. Every detail seamlessly combines luxury amenities with integration into nature. This treehouse cubby paradise redefines family fun and escape.

Cubby House Options for Your Family

While not every family can afford to spend half a million dollars on a luxury cubby house, Aaron’s Outdoors offers quality customizable options for you.

We provide cubby houses in 8 different sizes to suit your space, with adjustable elevation kits up to 3 meters high. You can tailor your cubby by adding exciting extras like slides, rock climbing walls, fireman’s poles, or scramble nets.

With this range of sizes and features, Aaron’s Outdoors makes it easy to find the perfect cubby house design for your kids. Contact us today to choose one that will spark your children’s creativity and become their favourite hangout spot.

Cubbies That Captivate Kids’ Imaginations!

This article showcased some extraordinarily designed cubby houses that go above and beyond. They incorporate novelty features from pirate ships to backyard playgrounds to spur children’s creativity. While out of reach for most, it’s clear why these cubbies inspire imaginative adventures. At Aaron’s Outdoors, we provide quality, affordable cubbies in various sizes and options to help you find the perfect design to bring your kids joy. Contact us today to start planning your family’s dream cubby!

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