Why your Carport Shouldn’t be an Afterthought

Does your backyard seem to be missing something? Have you ever considered installing an outdoor shelter to improve your outdoor living space? While a typical carport may not be what you had in mind for your outdoor space, an Aarons carport can be a beautiful and a versatile addition to any yard. Unlike old, rusty sheds held up by thin poles, Aarons carports come in styles that can range from a chic contemporary look to a rustic tiki bar vibe.

When you think of a carport, do you think of a bland, ugly structure that you have to get if you don’t have a garage? While Aarons carports can be used to keep your car or equipment out of the elements, they can also be an attractive addition to any outdoor space of backyard.
Here are some ideas on how to use your carport, aside from keeping your vehicles safe:

  • Add outdoor furniture and use it as an outdoor entertaining space.
  • A carport can make a great picnic place, even when the weather is not cooperating with your outdoor eating plans.
  • Set it up as an outdoor play space so your kids can get out of the sun when they’re outside.
  • Add landscaping around your carport and it can be an attractive addition to your backyard.
  • Use it as an outdoor workspace.
  • Park your car underneath it to keep it from icing over in the winter and overheating in the hot summer sun.
  • Keep plants that need partial shade in your carport to keep them healthy in the hot summer sun.
  • Install one as a shelter to provide shade at the entries of your house.
  • It can create a porch roof over your deck or patio.

One awesome thing about a carport from Aarons is how customizable they are. Here are some of the options offered:

  • They can come with as skillion or gable Colorbond® roof. You can even pick the colour of your roof.
  • Thatched roofing is also available.
  • The carports come in a variety of sizes. The smallest is 5m X 6m, but they can make your carport any size you need.
  • Pretty much every part of your carport can be made to order.
  • You can upgrade the posts to square posts.
  • Add a gutter kit and downpipe.
  • You can add stirrups to secure your carport to a deck or slab.
  • The posts for your carport are available in two different coloured stains: natural and golden cedar.

Professional installers from Aarons can deliver and install your carport, or you can just have the carport delivered. Aarons will provide clear directions along with a kit for you if you want to install it yourself.
A carport from Aarons is as long-lasting as it is attractive. They are made out of Colorbond Steel and strong fastening materials. If you choose a thatched roof, it may last more than 10 years. They can stand on their own, but they will be even more sturdy if you install them on top of a deck or flooring. If a deck or flooring is not available, the carport can be cemented into place in the ground. If there is an existing slab, they can be bolted into place using stirrups.
If you do choose to use your carport as an alternative to a garage, it will provide an effective, long-lasting shelter for your vehicle. It will add value to your home and also could earn you a discount on your insurance premiums. For more information, and to find out how Aarons may be able to help you through the Permit Process, contact a store or set up a site visit.

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