Your Perfect Backyard: Pergola vs Bali Hut

Are you considering improving the functionality of your backyard? Or maybe you’re searching for the perfect outdoor entertainment solution. Two great options worth contemplating are Pergolas and Bali Huts.
In order to help you make an informed decision, we’re going to be reviewing the differences between the two.

Tropical or contemporary?

Everyone has their own personal style preference, so the trick is asking yourself what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create in your backyard.

A Bali Hut serves the purpose of recreating a tropical Bali-style getaway within your backyard. So if you’re the type to go for a backyard holiday feeling, then a Bali Hut would be a perfect choice. Adding to that holiday vibe, the Bali Hut is not only pleasing to the eye, it also provides natural insulation, meaning you are not only sheltered from the harsh rays of the sun but also a few degrees cooler during the summer.
If you are a person who normally goes for a more sleek, modern contemporary look for your backyard, then the Pergola might be the best option for you. Pergolas have quite a uniform rectangular shape and sharp edges perfect for those seeking a simple, sophisticated backyard feature. Not only are they perfect for outdoor entertainment, Pergolas are also extremely functional. Due to their simplistic design, they are even a popular option for carports.

What’s in your backyard?

This might not apply to everyone, however, when making the choice between a Pergola and a Bali Hut, you might first want to consider what you already have sitting in your backyard. You want your chosen structure to complement your existing furniture, decorations and maybe even the types of plants in your backyard. This would be much easier than having to change everything to match later on.

Size matters

While the range of sizes available for both options are almost identical, there is one slight difference worth noting. Bali Huts come in an “umbrella” size, perfect for sheltering a dining set (as shown below), which a Pergola wouldn’t be able to achieve easily.


The Bali Hut features top-of-the-range Alang Alang grass, while the Pergola’s skillion roof is constructed from colorbond steel.


Both structures from Aaron’s Outdoor Living are 100% waterproof, however, during the decision-making process, it might also be worth noting the differences. An Aaron’s Bali Hut is waterproof with a 30-degree pitch roof to ensure your outdoor furniture is protected. Your Bali Hut should remain waterproof for up to 8-10 years.
The Pergola features the highest grade Colorbond steel and fastening materials to ensure the protection of your furniture and the longevity of the structure.

Making those tough decisions

Understanding is the key to making good buying decisions, however, that doesn’t make the process any easier! Despite the differences between Bali Huts and Pergolas you can rest assured that any decision will be highly worth the investment.
Whether you are after tranquil paradise or modern entertainment, there is an outdoor solution for every personality.
If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to check out our fantastic range of Pergolas and Bali Huts at Aaron’s Outdoor Living.

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