The 16 Best Plants and Flowers for your Arbour

Arbours are great additions to any back garden, giving a space outdoors to enjoy outdoors, yet with shade. Even more charm is added when plants and flowers are added. Arbours create the perfect environment for certain plants and flowers, including climbing vines. Here are 16 of the best plants and flowers for your arbour structure.


Roses are a very popular choice as they add a sense of romance and classic sophistication. Put climbing types over a rooftop for a charming arbour.


As the name suggests, firethorn has big heavy thorns, but they also provide a wonderful a lovely evergreen look that will attract native birds. If you want to attract wildlife, then this is a good choice (but wear heavy gloves when working with it).


Clematis are easy due to their super simple upkeep. They only need pruning one a year, and you’re rewarded with lovely pink or white flowers. They’re best in cooler climates.

Golden Hops

This vine grows quickly and produces large lovely leaves in shades of green and yellow. They don’t do so well in warmer climates though.


Unless you’re in a tropical region, wisteria is generally great for most locations. They grow in abundance enough to provide extra shade. The white, pink or purple flowers are very fragrant!


Passionflower is a fast-growing vine that is lightweight. They can be grown all over Australia. It dies off in the winter, but with proper care and mulching, they will regrow in the summer.

Star Jasmine

Unlike true Jasmine, this plant will not suffocate others. It has very fragrant flowers. It can be slow to grow at first, but it will eventually develop glossy leaves that love the sunny and semi-shaded areas.

Chilean Bellflower

This flower is ideal even for the coldest areas of Australia. It develops bell-shaped flowers in shades of red, pink and white.

Hardenbergia or Coral Pea

There are many forms of this climbing vine with the most popular being “Happy Wanderer” with purple flowers. It can be grown in areas with full sun or spotted shade.

Guinea Flower

Grown anywhere with full sun or partial shade, the Guinea flower is a hardy plant that produces very large yellow flowers.

White Potato Creeper

This is a light evergreen with white flowers that like lots of sun. It does well in most regions apart from the coldest.


These can be very heavy, so only go for it if you have a sturdy structure that can manage. It grows fast and has a wide range of flowering colours.

Stephanotis or Madagascar Jasmine

Best for warm or tropical climates, this small climber has tiny flowers that look like stars when in bloom. They’re popular in bridal bouquets, so if you’re preparing for an outdoor wedding, these are a good choice.

Orange Trumpet Creeper

This flowering climber grows in most Australian climates. It will flower throughout the winter and spring. It can become rampant so needs its space!

Fraser Island Creeper

If you want a tropical feel to your garden, the Fraser Island Creeper is the one. It blossoms into large, bright pink flowers but it needs at least some sun.


Allamanda can be grown in cooler, sheltered areas, but are not good in areas that tend to get frost. They have a long flowering season, covering your arbour in lovely bright yellow.
Have yet to get an arbour? Aarons Outdoor Living can help you create the best one to suit your backyard. We’ll create the perfect structure, and you can add the plants. Together we will add charm and sophistication to your garden.

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