The 16 Best Plants and Flowers for your Arbour

Arbours are enchanting structures that provide a shaded outdoor space for enjoying the beauty of nature. An arbour’s charm and visual appeal can be dramatically enhanced by incorporating carefully selected climbing plants and flowering vines. Certain vines and flowering plants thrive in the unique environment created by the arbour structure, cascading over the frame and creating a lush, captivating display.

From classic climbing roses to vibrant trumpet-shaped flowers and delicate, purple-hued blooms, the options for transforming an arbour into a verdant, nature-inspired retreat are vast. These versatile structures offer an excellent way to merge the outdoors with your style, creating a harmonious and inviting space for relaxation, entertainment, and immersion in the beauty of the natural world.

Benefits of Arbours

Creating Shade and Comfort

Arbours provide an excellent solution for creating shaded, comfortable outdoor spaces. By offering relief from direct sunlight and heat, these structures allow for relaxed enjoyment and entertainment in the garden. The versatile arbour design enables homeowners to create an inviting and functional retreat where they can bask in the beauty of their surroundings while protected from the elements.

Enhancing Aesthetics

In addition to their practical benefits, arbours offer a captivating and whimsical element to any garden. As a focal point, they add visual interest and a sense of romance to the outdoor living space. When adorned with lush, cascading foliage and vibrant blooms, arbours become enchanting features that elevate the overall aesthetic of the garden.

T B P A F F Y ASupporting Climbing Plants

Arbours provide the perfect framework for vines and trailing plants to climb and thrive. The sturdy structure enables the growth of lush, cascading displays of foliage and flowers, transforming the arbour into a verdant, nature-inspired oasis. This enhances the visual appeal and creates a sheltered habitat that can attract various beneficial wildlife, such as birds, butterflies, and pollinators.

Attracting Wildlife

By incorporating plants that provide food and nesting opportunities, arbours can become havens for local wildlife. The sheltered and shaded environment offered by the arbour structure serves as an inviting habitat, drawing in a diverse array of feathered and winged visitors to the garden.

Best Plants and Flowers for Arbours


Roses are a classic and romantic choice for enhancing the beauty of an arbour. Climbing rose varieties, such as the Crimson Rambler or the New Dawn, thrive when trained over the sturdy structure, creating a stunning display of cascading blooms that add a touch of elegance to the garden.

RFirethorn (Pyracantha)

Firethorn, also known as Pyracantha, is an evergreen shrub that can be trained to climb over an arbour. Its striking thorns and vibrant berries add visual interest and attract various native birds to the garden, making it a practical and wildlife-friendly choice.

F PClematis

Clematis are easy-to-grow climbing vines that produce abundant flowers in various colours, from delicate pastels to bold hues. These hardy plants perform best in cooler climates and can be trained to climb over an arbour, creating a lush and captivating display.

CGolden Hops

The Golden Hops vine is known for its fast-growing nature and large, vibrant foliage that can cascade over an arbour. However, it is not well-suited for warm, tropical regions and may perform better in temperate or cooler climates.

G HWisteria

Wisteria is a stunning choice for arbours, producing cascading clusters of fragrant, purple, pink, or white flowers that create a truly enchanting display. While these vines thrive in temperate climates, they can be aggressive and may require careful management to prevent them from overwhelming the arbour structure.


Delicate and tropical-looking, Passionflower vines are a captivating option for arbours. These plants die back in the winter but regrow in the warmer months, providing a burst of colour and interest throughout the growing season.

PStar Jasmine

Star Jasmine is a fragrant, evergreen climber that won’t overwhelm other plants in the garden. While it may take some time to establish, this hardy vine eventually becomes lush and can be trained to climb over an arbour, filling the air with its delightful scent.

S JChilean Bellflower

The Chilean Bellflower is a hardy, bell-shaped flower that thrives in cool-climate gardens. Its blooms come in red, pink, and white shades, adding a charming touch to an arbour structure.

C BHardenbergia (Coral Pea)

Also known as Coral Pea, Hardenbergia is a versatile climbing vine that produces vibrant, purple, pea-shaped flowers. This plant tolerates full sun and partial shade, making it suitable for various garden settings.

H C PGuinea Flower

The Guinea Flower is a cheerful, yellow-blooming plant that thrives in sunny or partially shaded areas. Its large, vibrant flowers can create a stunning display when trained over an arbour.

G FWhite Potato Creeper

The White Potato Creeper is an evergreen climber with delicate white flowers that prefer warm to temperate climates. This low-maintenance plant can be a lovely addition to an arbour.

W P CBougainvilleas

Bougainvilleas are known for their vibrant and fast-growing nature, making them a striking choice for arbours. However, they require a sturdy structure to support their growth and can offer a wide range of flower colours, from deep reds to soft pinks.

BStephanotis (Madagascar Jasmine)

The Stephanotis, also known as Madagascar Jasmine, is a delicate climber with star-shaped blooms. This plant is best suited for warm, tropical regions and can add a touch of exotic charm to an arbour.

S M JOrange Trumpet Creeper

The Orange Trumpet Creeper is a flowering vine that blooms throughout the seasons, adding a vibrant pop of colour to an arbour. However, this plant can become rampant, so it must provide ample space to grow.

O T CFraser Island Creeper

The Fraser Island Creeper is an excellent choice for a tropical flair, with its large, bright pink flowers that require total sun exposure. This plant can bring lush, exotic beauty to an arbour.

F I CAllamanda

The Allamanda is a plant with bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers that can tolerate cooler, sheltered areas, though it may not thrive in areas with heavy frost.

ACreating Your Arbour Oasis

When creating the perfect arbour oasis in your garden, you must work closely with experts who can help you design the optimal structure and choose the right plants. Factors such as the size of the arbour, the materials used, and its placement within the garden should all be carefully considered to ensure a harmonious and visually striking result.

Combining climbing plants and flowering vines can transform an arbour into a lush, nature-inspired retreat. The possibilities are vast, from vigorous climbers like Wisteria and bougainvillea to more versatile options like star jasmine and clematis. Consider adding plants that thrive in late spring, such as the chocolate-scented climbing hydrangea, or classic beauty, as the white-blooming Iceberg rose.

For a truly exotic appearance, explore tropical-inspired vines like the passionflower or the Fraser Island creeper, which can bring a sense of lush, vibrant charm to the arbour. Shade-loving plants, such as the hardy Chilean bellflower or the heart-shaped-leaved Dutchman’s pipe, can also be incorporated to create a serene and inviting environment, even in partially shaded areas. With the right mix of frost-tolerant and versatile climbers, you can transform your arbour into a true oasis of natural beauty and relaxation.

A Verdant Sanctuary: Embracing the Beauty of Arbours

Arbours offers an excellent way to transform your outdoor living space into a charming, nature-inspired retreat. By carefully selecting the right plants and flowers, you can create a verdant sanctuary that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden and provides a comfortable and inviting environment for relaxation and entertaining.

Whether you’re drawn to the classic beauty of climbing roses, the exotic allure of tropical vines, or the whimsical charm of fragrant flowering plants, the possibilities for crafting your arbour oasis are endless.

Embrace the beauty and functionality of an arbour in your garden, and let the team at Aarons Outdoor Living help you bring your vision to life.

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