5 Facts About Gazebos That Will Impress Your Friends

Gazebos are a classic outdoor structure that looks elegant and adds something special. Normally found in parks and public places, gazebos are now becoming popular for personal backyards, giving a space for homeowners to enjoy and entertain in. Not only are gazebos beautiful on their own, but there is more than what meets in the eye in terms of how great they can be. Next time your friends come around, impress them with these five facts about gazebos.

Their design allows air flow

Gazebos have pitched roofs that allow more air flow. This is really felt during the summertime, so not only are you comfortable under the shaded gazebo, but you get the bonus of a nice cool breeze as well. In the sometimes-harsh Australian climate, this is most welcomed! You won’t be worrying about the weather with a gazebo.

Alfresco dining has never been easier

A nice way of mixing things up at dinner time is just to take your meal outside to enjoy a different setting. Normally this would be weather-dependent, not with a gazebo. You can have a barbecue and entertain easily under the protection of a gazebo. Adding appropriate outdoor tables and chairs will give you somewhere to relax with a meal whilst enjoying the outdoors.

It increases your home value

Gazebos are beautiful structures that are quite desirable, which is why they help increase home value. Gazebos essentially create more useable space on the property. It is an area that can be used for covered storage, a space to entertain and a general living area where table and chairs can be added and be seen as a whole separate room. Not only are they dubbed a luxury, but gazebos are incredibly versatile and can be personalised and used in whatever way the homeowner sees fit.

Gazebos are low maintenance

Gazebos may be outside and exposed to the elements, but their maintenance is still incredibly simple. Regularly sweep away any build-up of leaves and dirt throughout the year. This includes on the roof where you may need to get a ladder to have a good inspection. Tough grime can be scrubbed away with appropriate cleaning solutions (ask the shop to make sure you get the right one for your gazebo!) and at least once a year, use pressurized water to dislodge dirt.

They will suit all lifestyles

As mentioned earlier, a gazebo provides extra space to be used for a variety of things. They can be built with or without a deck and even have enclosures on some sides for extra privacy. If you need a safe place to park your vehicle, then a gazebo can act as a carport keeping it safe from harsh weather. Wanting even more luxury? Then a gazebo makes the perfect setting for a jacuzzi, especially with added privacy from fencing along the sides. If you want to be able to enjoy your garden year-round, then you can do so from the comfort of a gazebo that protects you from rain and keeps you cool in the summer. Gazebos create a fabulous atmosphere for outdoor entertaining with the perfect place to host a party. Everyone will want to come hang out in your fancy backyard when you have a gazebo!

Gazebos are a lovely welcoming structure that look great no matter what style you’re opting for in your backyard. If you’re ready to impress your friends with your own gazebo, then Aarons Outdoor can help. We have designed gazebos of all sizes starting from 3m x 3m to suit most back gardens. We use only the highest-grade materials in their construction, including a Colorbond® roof in your choice of colour, so your gazebo will last for years and with minimal maintenance too. Give our team a call to discuss further how we can install the perfect gazebo for your backyard.
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