Aarons Outdoor Success Story Series – DIY Cubby

Cubby houses provide the perfect solution to extra space, storage, and privacy for any home environment. When choosing a cubby house, you don’t just want to stop at the bare minimum. You want quality, safety and most importantly – options.
At Aaron’s Outdoor Living, we offer eight different cubby sizes from our cute Cottage to our enormous Taj Mahal.  We also offer four different elevation heights which can be erected on flat or sloping surfaces. After all, no two backyards are the same!
Cubby house tucked away in the bushes in Adelaide
Australian owned and operated with 22 years of market-leading experience, Aaron’s cubbies are manufactured with the highest grade materials and a 12-month limited warranty. You can be assured a quality cubby to the highest safety standards.
Although our experienced team is more than happy to help with installation, we understand that sometimes there are some things you’d just rather do yourself. Which is why we provide you with DIY cubby solutions to suit any size, space, and lifestyle you need.  Simply choose your perfect size, elevation options, add-ons and finishing and let Aaron’s and your imagination do the rest!
Looking for reassurance? Here’s what one of our satisfied DIY customers had to say about his Aaron’s Cubby:

“I am very happy with our cubby from Aarons. I picked up the cubby myself so assured all the extras we included were packed onto my truck then assembled it ourselves. They’re easy to follow instructions were great and we had the whole thing, including the 1.5M elevation kit installed in 1 ½ days. Thanks!” – David R.

Everyday Aaron’s Outdoor Living helps everyday Australians just like David achieve their DIY goals. We ensure projects can be completed easy, quickly, efficiently and without dramas, so you can spend less time sweating and more time enjoying. With Aaron’s there’s no limit to what you can do with your next special cubby!
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