Top 10 Essentials At Your Next BBQ!

Skip the snuggling by the fire this Christmas – it’s time to take the festivities outside! With sunny skies and balmy weather, Australia provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable holiday celebration.

Dazzle your family and friends by hosting a signature Aussie Christmas gathering they’ll talk about all year long. Move the party into the backyard and deck the garden with cheer. Fire up the barbie and tap a keg for delicious bites and bevvies.

Get creative with themed decor that screams Christmas down under. Think tropical motifs, Beach Boys tunes, and surfboard sleigh rides. Unleash your imagination for over-the-top outdoor fun.

Don’t settle for the same old Christmas. This guide features ideas to turn your yard into a wonderland that provides lasting memories. From luxe amenities to interactive entertainment, discover how to throw an outdoor Christmas your guests will rave about.

Host an iconic Aussie Christmas celebration this year! Keep reading for inspirational hosting tips and unique decor inspiration.

Top 10 Essential Items For Your Summer B.B.Q.!

Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are a necessity at any barbecue. To take full advantage of your entertainment area and avoid awkward silence, make sure to have some portable speakers. This saves the hassle of moving your stereo and finding an extension cord to plug it into. Portable speakers mean the guests can choose their music, especially if Bluetooth can connect to your speaker.

Garden Furniture

You could get the guests to bring their foldable garden chairs, or you can be the ultimate party host by having your garden furniture! When guests want to sit back and relax, they can sit in Aaron’s chairs with arms or steel straps. Tables come with 8 chairs or can be sold individually. For those who want to relax with a drink, there’s also the option of a Thatch Bar Table Setting.


African Thatch

No Thatch Bar Table Setting is complete without an African Thatch. To escape the heat this summer, you can turn your backyard into the ultimate entertainment area by installing an African Thatch. These come in a range of sizes, so this is sure to be one that will fit any backyard. They are completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them surviving a tropical storm. You can be sun smart this summer and avoid a sunburn under your African Thatch.

If you’re not a D.I.Y. person, then don’t worry! We will have a team of professional installers come to your house and do all the hard work for you. An African Thatch will ensure your guests have an entertaining barbeque they’ll never forget.

african-thatch-poolCollapsible Food Net Cover

While Australia’s summer is hot and the perfect weather to spend some time outside, it also means there will be bugs, flies and insects trying to get your food. Nothing ruins a barbecue like wasted food. To avoid disaster, pick up the must-have item for every barbecue, a collapsible food net cover. These are under $10, so you can spend more on food and drinks without worrying about nasty insects spoiling the day.

Meat Thermometer

This is a convenient tool to have at any barbecue. When cooking meat, you want to ensure it doesn’t end up being undercooked or overcooked. A digital thermometer is a cheap and easy option to ensure you cook the best food possible without serving undercooked meat to your friends and family. If you want to splash out, you can even pick up a thermometer that syncs to an app on your phone.

Play Equipment

Nothing is worse than a bored kid ruining a party. Avoid the tantrums by ensuring the kids are entertained with Aaron’s play equipment.
Aaron’s has a range of play equipment, so you’ll surely find something perfect for your kids. We have monkey bars, swings, pirate ships, slides and sandpits. This way, the kids can keep busy, and the adults enjoy their barbecue without disruptions.

Monster Fort with slide (customers own slide)

Monster Fort with slide (customers’ own slide)


Not only do the kids need entertainment, but the adults do, too! Once the food is done, ensure you have something to entertain the guests. There are so many options, depending on the size of your entertainment area. Ensure you have a cricket bat and ball, soccer ball, football, or even a croquet. For people who aren’t really into sports, having card or board games on hand is a great way to ensure everyone stays entertained.

Drink Dispenser

No party is complete without the drinks! Ensure the glasses stay cool and allow the guests to pour their beverages with a drink dispenser. It even lets you get creative and make cocktails for your guests. The guests will love having a refreshing drink while enjoying your barbeque.


The Christmas holidays are a great time to host a barbecue, but it often ends up with lots of time spent in the sun and a nasty sunburn by the end of the day. Apply sunscreen throughout the day to ensure you and your guests stay sun bright.


To complete the day, bring along some dessert. During summer, the perfect food is ice cream or icy poles. You can make your own icy poles for your guests by picking up some moulds. This is a cheap way to ensure your guests stay cool at your barbecue.

Make This An Aussie Christmas To Remember

This year, go above and beyond to host a Christmas celebration that feels distinctly Australian. With our tips, you can decorate the garden, keep guests entertained for hours, and make holiday memories that will last all year.

Provide plenty of signature Australian bites and beverages to set the laidback, fun-loving tone. From themed cocktails to seafood spreads, wow guests with creative holiday fare.

And don’t forget the essentials that take any Aussie Christmas party to the next level! Things like festive table settings, outdoor lighting, games, and music help create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Aaron’s Lifestyle and Entertainment range offers everything you need to make your place the Aussie holiday headquarters. Shop their inspiring selection today to relax and enjoy a Christmas barbecue with family and friends you’ll never forget! With some creativity and the right gear, this will be a season to remember.

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