Backyard Chicken Coops

Considering getting chickens at your property? If you do, you’ll need to invest in a chicken coop to provide a safe enclosure for your pets. Chicken coops aren’t as much of a hassle as you think. In fact, there are many benefits to having a chicken house in your backyard.
Benefits for having a chicken coop include:
Complement your house
Chicken houses don’t have to be an unsightly feature of your backyard. In fact, they can actually complement your house and backyard entertainment area. Aarons’ chook houses have a natural and attractive design which will complement both your house and garden setting. The chook house won’t even take up too much space. Dimensions are 1.7m (w) x 1.9m (l) x 2.1m (h). They are the perfect addition to any backyard. Furthermore, the chook houses are made with the highest standard for strength and durability, so you can have peace of mind.
Source of fresh eggs
Tired of always having to buy fresh eggs? This is something you won’t have to worry about if you’ve got your own chickens on your property. With your own chickens, you’ll have a constant supply of fresh eggs, that are guaranteed to be better quality than what you buy in store.

Great pets for kids
Looking for another pet for your kids? Why not consider getting some chickens? These are animals that will always be outside of the house, but are safe for kids to be around. You can even get the kids involved with looking after the chickens. It’s easy for kids to make sure the chickens are in their coop. They can even be in charge of collecting the eggs from the chicken’s nests. This is a great way to get kids used to being around animals and introducing some sense of responsibility for looking after a pet.
Low maintenance
Chickens don’t require as much attention or exercise as other pets, so are a great option if you want a pet but are somewhat time poor. Furthermore, chickens don’t need to be consistently brushed and fed twice a day. This makes chickens perfect for people who are looking for a low maintenance pet. When you have a chicken coop, you will only need to change the bedding once per month, and fill water and food containers every few weeks.
Helps your garden
So maybe this isn’t the most exciting thing about chickens, but if you’re thinking about ways your chickens can save you money and effort, this definitely makes the list. Chicken manure is a great product to use on your vegetable garden or even for compost. Furthermore, chickens are a great helper for the avid gardener. When chickens are free to roam the backyard, they can help you to get rid of the weeds growing in your yard. The chickens will break up and eat the weeds in your yard, leaving you with a much neater yard. Not only will they help with your fertilizer needs and weeds, they make for great bug hunters. Chickens will eat most of the bugs you’ll find in your backyard. So when they’re not contained within your chicken coop, make sure you let your chickens roam around your yard – there are many benefits to this too!
See all the benefits of having a chicken coop, but don’t have one yet? Aarons Outdoor Living has chook houses which start from $1295. If you’re interested in having a chicken coop in your backyard, contact one of Aarons staff members today.

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