Aarons Outdoor Success Story Series – Bamboo Paradise

Here at Aarons Outdoor Living, we are busy installing our products in over 50 Aussie backyards every week. This motivates our installation teams to go above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive the fantastic service they have come to expect from Aarons. Our hardworking attitude doesn’t go unrewarded, with customers nationwide leaving positive feedback for Aarons Outdoor Living on our professionalism.

So, as a thank you to everyone who has shared their feedback with us, we’ve started a series of weekly blog posts highlighting these positive experiences. So, let us show you how Aarons helps to transform your backyard into something extraordinary.
Our first article looks at an Aarons customer from Brisbane who wrote to us after their new Bamboo Privacy Screen was installed. They expressed their satisfaction with Aarons Outdoor Living and how simple the process was for them, stating:

Dealing with your company from the initial purchase through to the installation of our Bamboo Privacy Screen was a total pleasure.

Being recognised for our performance put a smile on our faces.
It’s no shock that this product was a “total pleasure” – Aarons Bamboo Privacy Screens (pictured below) are a great and unique addition to any backyard. Our Bamboo is sourced from respected suppliers who provide the highest-grade materials available. Bamboo can be used as a fence, a bar or a feature wall for a pool or spa, giving your backyard a tropical and exotic feel that the family will love to be around. Our Bamboo Privacy Screens are available in various sizes to suit any backyard design and are easily attached to any existing fence. This simplicity was made evident by those who said:

In particular, your installer not only went about his work in a very professional way but also displayed an engaging and pleasant manner to make the whole experience worry free.

Now, that’s the service we strive to provide at Aarons!
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Small thank-you messages like this make the Aarons team proud of our hard work to help bring your backyards to life.

Have you had a positive experience with Aarons Outdoor Living that you want to share with us? Please message the relevant email address on our locations page or message/post to our social media pages!

If you too would like Aarons to transform your backyard with a Bamboo Privacy Screen like this Brisbane customer, you can visit our Bamboo page for pricing or call one of our superstores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, where you can see all of our products on display and see the quality for yourself!

Callum Youla, an ongoing content contributor to the Aarons Outdoor Living blog, wrote this article.

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