Aarons Outdoor Success Story Series – A Studio Space Built To Last

Last week, our ‘success story’ focused on Aarons’s great work setting up a Bamboo Privacy Screen for a couple in Brisbane. Aarons restored their faith in tradies through our friendly and committed installation service.

Today’s article looks at John, Mathra, and Christopher, who were very satisfied with the Studio recently installed in their backyard. John and his family had the Studio built so that he could work more efficiently at home. John wrote to us saying:

Thank you for the construction of my space for me to run my studio from. The guys did a great job.”

H A W F C U A G S MThis is expected from Aarons, as we always strive to do whatever we can to make a customer’s experience memorable! John praised the extra effort the Aarons team went to during installation:

They even helped me move my desks, computer rack and filing cabinet.”

Aarons knows that going the extra mile ensures satisfied customers. John closed his lovely message with,

Seeing it (studio) installed helps to provide me with a picture of my possible future.”

Thank you, John. We’re ecstatic that you were pleased with Aarons fantastic service. We are sure your studio will lay the foundation of a great workspace.
What’s best about an Aarons studio is that it can be used for almost anything! A games room in the backyard. A home office. You own a creative place—even storage.

H A W F C U A G SOur studios range from 8sqm to 23sqm and are available in 12 standard sizes. You can choose from various customisable features like sliding doors, extra windows, and ramps. Our Studios don’t require a building permit in some states, making them an easy and cost-effective option. But don’t worry if you need a building permit, because Aarons can look after that also! Ask an Aaron store for a free site inspection today.

Want to share your experience with Aarons Outdoor Living? Message your nearest store via email on our locations page, or write a review on Facebook! If you’d like a Studio for your backyard like John, you can look at product and pricing options here or visit one of our stores nationwide to see some of our studios in person!

This article was written by Callum Youla, an ongoing content contributor to the Aarons Outdoor Living blog.

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