Renovate Your Early Learning Centre With These Landscaping Ideas

Work at an Early Learning Centre? Think your play area needs a renovation? We’ve got everything you’ll need to include to give your play area some wow factor while making sure it’s completely safe for children in their early childhood.

1. Artificial grass

Who wants to bother with the hassle of natural grass? It goes yellow, it’s patchy, it’s full of dirt and dust and leaves kids with grass stains.

You can avoid this mess with artificial grass. It looks and feels like real grass but doesn’t require all the hard work. You won’t need to worry about the upkeep – you’ll have lush grass all year round.

Aarons Landscaping’s grass meets Australia’s fire rating standards and is compliant with Australian slip resistance standards, so you can rest assured that it won’t cause accidents. This artificial grass is perfect for your Early Learning Centre.

2. Soft Fall

When you work in an Early Learning Centre, there are bound to be accidents. Kids are running around and climbing and jumping on play equipment. Eventually, there will be slips and falls.
You can prevent any serious injuries by using soft fall surfacing underneath your play equipment. This is recommended for any elevated equipment, swings, or slides.

There are various soft fall surfaces to choose from, depending on the look you’re aiming for in your Early Learning Centre. Options include:

  • Rubber surfacing: our rubber surfacing comes in a range of colours, so there is sure to be one to complement the colour scheme of your play area. Using rubber surfacing means you will prevent accidents and won’t have to worry about maintaining your play area.
  • Soft Fall Mulch: if you’ve got outdoor play spaces, you might want to consider using soft fall mulch. The mulch adds another layer of cushioning, which softens any falls.

All of our soft fall surfacing meets Australian safety standards.

3. Sensory Areas

We understand the development of young children is important. That’s why we specialise in the installation of sensory areas for Early Learning Centres.
Sensory areas give children the opportunity to engage in free play. They can develop their imagination while also focusing on sensory stimulation. Sensory areas allow children to learn how to process situations and react best. It is an area where they are able to engage with other children and improve their social skills. Installing a sensory area within your Early Learning Centre has so many developmental benefits.

4. Sandpits

Sandpits are the perfect accessory for any Early Learning Centre. Everyone remembers spending time making castles and towns in a sandpit when they were young.
Sandpits have many benefits for children, including:

  • Develops imagination: children aren’t just building mounds of sand – they’re castles or cities, often surrounded by moats. Sandpits are a great way to let kids get creative and develop their imagination.
  • Builds physical skills: playing in the sandpit will help kids to develop their hand-eye coordination. It also encourages physical activity through running, digging and squatting.
  • Improves social skills: children will learn to play with other children in the sandpit. They will learn how to negotiate who plays in which area and how to share the sandpit toys.

5. Natural playscapes

















Want to incorporate more nature into your Early Learning Centre? Why not consider installing some natural playscapes?

Natural playscapes give children the chance to enjoy playing outdoors in open, grassy areas. Best of all, natural playscapes promote outdoor play. Children often spend a lot of time indoors enjoying technology. Natural playscapes encourage children to get outside and amongst the trees, shrubs, and logs rather than spending all their time indoors.

Interested in landscape design options for your Early Learning Centre? Aarons Landscaping has the solution for you. We are able to install artificial grass, soft fall surfacing, sensory areas, sandpits, natural playscapes and more.

Looking for certified play equipment? Check out Aaron’s educational play equipment, which is certified to Australian Safety Standards.

If you want your Early Learning Centre renovated, contact one of Aarons Landscaping’s friendly staff today.

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