Why You Should Choose Aarons To Buy Your Next Cubby

With a ton of places to buy your cubbies from, you’re probably thinking why would I choose Aarons Outdoor? We have the answers for you:

Australian Made

Aarons Outdoors not only has the best products in Australia, but it’s all Australian made. You’re buying directly from the manufacturer. All our timber and steel structures are manufactured in Melbourne, with timber sourced from sustainable plantations in Australia.

Castle Cubby with 900mm elevation kit, Bali Umbrella, Monkey Bars, bamboo, and Garden Bridge for a NSW Childcare Centre

Castle Cubby with 900mm elevation kit, Bali Umbrella, Monkey Bars, bamboo, and Garden Bridge for a NSW Childcare Centre


Aarons Outdoor has Hardwood Jarrah trims and treated pine internal framework will ensure you both the best quality and best-looking cubby available. When thinking about the future, this will also ensure the best resale value.
We also use treated pine (arsenic free) both inside and out of our cubbies. All our products are made from non-arsenic based and environmentally friendly treated pine timber, all sourced from Australia. The timber is clean to touch and extremely weather durable. We also offer a colorbond roof, with a variety of colours available for you to choose from.


We offer eight different sizes and five elevation heights. There’s definitely going to be a size that’s perfect for you! We can build on any backyard, whether flat or sloped. Our cubbies are easily able to be modified to suit your child’s needs and imagination.

Tower Cubby House Fort -

Tower Cubby House Fort – 1500mm Elevation with Accessories

Elevation Kits

Aarons Outdoors has five heights for you to chose from. This means there are a ton of additional extras that can go with the cubby. This includes slides, rock walls, scramble nets, slides, fireman’s pole, stable door, balustrades, steps and sandpit covers.
Worried about your backyard being out of level? With an elevation kit, you won’t even need to bother with landscaping works first. Save that money and put it towards a cubby instead.
Already got an Aarons Outdoor cubby but want to make it bigger? The elevation kits are also sold separately. You can buy everything you need pre-cut and ready to go straight to the manufacturer. Upgrading your cubby has never been easier.

Develop your child’s imagination

At Aarons Outdoors, we encourage you to develop your child’s imagination through outdoor play. We have a ton of accessories just waiting for your kids to play with. Some of our extras include:

  • Letterbox
  • Flowerbox
  • Car Steering Wheel
  • Boat and Ships Wheel
  • Telescope and Binoculars
  • Pirate Flag
  • Skylight

These are just a few of the amazing additions that can go with your child’s cubby. These additions are sure to get your child’s imagination running wild.

Quick installation

If you’re not keen on the idea of spending a few days putting together a cubby, don’t worry. We have professional installers who can do all the hard work for you. Depending on the size of your cubby, the installation will only take between a few hours to a full day. Our professional installation team will take the stress away and make sure your cubby and backyard look safe, compliant, level and beautiful.
If you’re a handyman and would prefer to do it yourself, all Aarons Outdoor products come with a D.I.Y information kit.
Aarons Outdoor have stores in a number of locations, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Make sure to come and check out our display centres and grab yourself a cubby.

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