How A Whole Family Can Use A Garden Studio

When you start a family, personal space goes straight out the window. It’s a given that once babies start walking, things start breaking, and people start clashing. You don’t need to move to a bigger house for more space. You need to ask yourself whether you’re utilising all your available spaces.

Garden rooms provide a great solution to space problems for you and the kids at any stage. These versatile garden family rooms can be designed for play, hobbies, study or entertainment. With creative garden room ideas, you can transform unused outdoor areas into functional garden spaces that give your family the room they need to grow.

Rather than constantly bumping against each other indoors, garden studios allow family members to spread out and pursue their interests in purpose-built spaces. Explore how garden rooms can solve your family’s space woes.

The Outdoor Play Area

Kids need their space to be kids. This space must be perfect for running around, playing hide-and-seek and all other mischief and mayhem.

The ideal solution is a new garden room built as an outdoor play area. With creative garden spaces designed for them, kids can expend endless energy in a safe environment.

H A W F C U A G SThis outdoor family room features a cosy space for adults to relax while the kids play outside. Play equipment fitted onto the exterior can also offer the kids variety. Rest assured, noise and mess stays outside the house. Playing outdoors in the sun is healthy for toddlers, and it’s much safer to fall over on soft grass than to bump into doorknobs and other hard surfaces around the house.

This outdoor garden space is also perfect for kids’ parties. Say goodbye to cramped indoor parties. All the entertaining can be done in the backyard play zone, and there will be no need to rearrange the house to accommodate guests and their kids. Everyone can enjoy the party!

Separate Studios

Of course, some kids prefer to make a little indoor mess, especially when all their energy has been spent running around all day. However, this doesn’t mean they must take over your garden room.

Extra garden buildings can give kids carefree space without ruining your couches or carpets. Constructing separate studios allows each child to be the king or queen of their castle while you remain monarch of yours!

H A W F C U A G SThese individual garden rooms also work well for storage space. The kids can keep all their toys, games, art supplies and other clutter in their outdoor area. Just slide the garden studio doors closed at the end of the day for an instant tidy-up!

The Teen Cave

As the kids get older and the teen years roll by, space away from parents becomes essential, but it also works both ways. A garden studio can provide teenagers with versatile extra space for their hobbies and activities outside the main house.

This is a perfect solution to establish some boundaries during the teenage years. It allows them to play music as loud as they want while they enjoy freedom from the hassles of teenage life indoors.

H A W F C U A G SAllow teens to make the garden space their own, where they can create, decorate, and feel comfortable, free from the nagging influence of parental control. While you have a few friends over in the house, they can have their friends over in their private studio outside, where no one clashes and there’s no drama.

The garden building provides the separation teenagers crave, giving them room to pursue their interests without parental oversight. Everyone gets their own space, keeping family relationships harmonious.

The Quiet Zone

A garden studio can provide a versatile space for the whole family to seek solitude. Furnish it with a comfy couch, study desk and bookshelf, ensuring there’s lots of natural light to encourage creativity.

This garden room makes for the perfect homework zone, giving kids a quiet workspace away from the distractions of the bustling family home. Adults can also retreat to this natural light-filled space for meditation, reading or any activity requiring peace.

H A W F C U A G SThis designated quiet space in the garden studio helps maintain harmony in the main house. Family members can take a break from each other and recharge in solitude when needed. Then, they can return refreshed and ready to enjoy quality time together with no shortage of personal space.

The Hobby Room

A garden studio can become the ultimate man cave or hobby space for the whole family to enjoy. Outfit it with a TV/projector and sound system to create your at-home theatre where you can watch the big game.

Add a pool table or table tennis, and you have readymade entertainment for family game nights. Or turn it into a casual gym by installing essential workout equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes and free weights.

H A W F C U A G SWhen designing your bespoke garden building, consider the hobbies and interests of all family members. That way, everyone can get used to this versatile new space.

Contain it all in the hobby room studio outside rather than cluttering up your home with bulky hobby supplies and equipment. This is a far better way to pursue your interests without taking over the family home.

The Poolside Studio

Who doesn’t love a poolside picnic? A garden studio with large windows and a spacious veranda gives your family the tropical holiday feeling without leaving the house!

After a long afternoon of swimming, you can relax poolside in your outdoor oasis without bringing water and dirty footprints into the house.

H A W F C U A G SThe ample patio space works perfectly for poolside dining, allowing the whole family to enjoy alfresco meals under the shade. Extend your living space into the garden by adding a barbecue and outdoor furniture to create an entertainment area with a resort ambience.

You can bring the hotel holiday vibe home with the pool and garden studio combo. Your family will feel like they’re on vacation every day!

Bring Your Family Together in Garden Studios

Garden studios are a versatile solution to create more family space at home. Designed for play, hobbies, study or entertainment, garden rooms allow family members to spread out comfortably. Kids can play freely outdoors while teens enjoy their own separate space. Studios work as quiet zones for homework or peaceful activities, too. You can build your family’s perfect custom spaces with smart garden studio ideas.

Aaron’s Outdoor has many quality studios to suit your needs. Visit our website to view designs and get a free estimate for your garden dream room today!

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