Cubby House Paint Schemes and Design Tips and Tricks

Decorated cubby houses are becoming increasingly popular in backyards across Australia! With all the bright beachy colours, chalkboard paint, and wooden cubby house styles available, it’s easier to create a customised new cubby house kids will adore.

At Aarons Outdoor Living, we have over 20 years of expertise in designing and building cubby houses of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced team is ready to help you choose the perfect cubby house and bring your creative vision to life through paint, trims, accessories and more. From stunning, gorgeous teals to modern greys, you can find the ideal colour scheme for your cubby.

We aim to provide inspiration and tips to help you decorate your entire cubby house. Whether you want to use thin brush strokes for a weathered, shabby chic look or go bold with rainbow colours, you’ll discover creative ways to personalise your children’s new favourite place. Let’s explore how to make your new cubby house as unique as your child!

Choosing Your Cubby House

The first step in creating your customised cubby house is choosing the suitable model for your needs. With an extensive range to browse, Aarons Outdoor Living has cubby houses for every backyard.

Consider the size of your yard and how much space you can dedicate to a cubby house. Compact cubbies with a single level are great for squeezing into more minor spots. Choose multi-level cubby houses or expansive models with wider footprints for more room to play. You can also choose different shapes like octagons, rectangles or cubes.

C H P S A D T A TDon’t forget about accessories like slides, swings, rock walls and balconies to enhance your cubby house. We offer all these add-ons to help design your ideal cubby. For a majestic cubby house, you may want multiple storeys with a balcony, spiral slide and swing set included.

Our experienced team can provide recommendations to help you select the perfect cubby house for your children. Explain how you want them to be able to use the space, and we can match you with the right fit. Focus on choosing a cubby house design to inspire their creativity and imagination for years. The customised paint and dĂ©cor can go later – start by picking a cubby to match their needs!

Selecting a Paint Scheme

Once you’ve selected the ideal outdoor play equipment as your cubby house base, it’s time to dream up the perfect colour scheme. The paint transforms a basic cubby house into a customised creation.

For colour inspiration, browse Dulux’s comprehensive paint galleries. Their palettes will spark ideas for coordinating cubby house paint hues. Save money on your paint job by choosing a natural wood or stained cubby house rather than a pre-painted one. The raw timber makes an ideal base coat for adding your creative colours.

C H P S A D T A TIf you choose a pre-stained cubby house, the rich wood finish provides depth and character before adding paint. Use the stained trims as accent colours against lighter-painted walls. Paint the doors or window boxes in a contrasting, vibrant hue for even more pop.

Don’t forget to pick roof colours that complement your cubby house design. A classic colour bond roof in muted tones can subtly contrast brightly painted walls. For more vibrancy, match brighter roof colours to the paint scheme. With the right colours, your cubby will be picture-perfect!

Complementary Roof Colors

A cubby house’s roof is like the crown jewel, completing your design masterpiece. Select the perfect colour bond roof that complements your paint colours.

Choose roof colours in muted modern tones like grey or charcoal to contrast lively house paint for a subtle look. This allows the walls to pop while the roof grounds the design. Or go bold with matching vibrant roof colours that coordinate like a disco-ball cubby.

C H P S A D T A TWhen brainstorming ideas, browse colourbond options on sites like Pinterest for inspiration. Visualise roof and paint combinations on sample cubby house photos. Will you choose an eye-catching cubby with a fire-engine red roof? Or soften it with Robin’s egg blue?

Your Colorbond roof should finish off your design just right. Like a treehouse, the topper completes the cubby house kids will love playing in for years. Please give them a roof and exterior paint combo that’s picture-perfect!

Design Tips and Inspirations

When decorating your cubby house, let your creativity run wild! Use these design tips to customise your kids’ cubby completely.

Paint one wall with chalkboard paint so kids can enjoy leaving notes and drawings for loved ones. Have them help paint it for extra fun! Shelving and storage using solutions like sliding trays keeps their toys and art supplies organised.

Pretty blue-and-white colour schemes are a classic choice for kids’ cubby houses. Go for a nautical vibe with navy and crisp white. Add pops of accent colours on the roof or doors.

For a shabby chic, weathered look, use thin brush strokes and diluted paint to get an aged peeling effect on a wooden cubby. Kids love the country charm of chippy farmhouse cubbies with modern touches like beachy accents.

C H P S A D T A TCheck sites like Pinterest for winning cubby designs like those featured on competition shows. You could recreate disco interiors or a posh glam style like their first mansion! Matching the exterior house paint colours creates cohesion while allowing personalised touches.

Cubby houses for boys feature bold colours they love, like graphic black and neon green. Add fun accessories like telescopes, tool benches and canopies. For girls, incorporate pretty furnishings like flower boxes, strings of lights and gauzy curtains.

Nothing provides a wow factor like rainbow cubbies with bright trims and features. Use an entire spectrum of fun colours like magenta, turquoise and violet. Or stick to a simple white exterior with bright rainbow railings and roofs. Kids will adore the vibrant playhouse you customise just for them!

Additional Cubby Customization Ideas

Personalise your cubby house even further with additional decorative touches and structures. Add flower boxes under the windows overflowing with bright blooms. Hang gauzy curtains for an inviting feel. A customised name plaque displays who the special cubby was made for.

C I T G T K O T C I T BGet creative building additional features like wrapping porches, bay windows, lofts or balconies. Extend your cubby house play with fun outdoor lighting like string lights, lanterns or funky pathway illumination.

Try ombre blends, handpainted patterns or mosaic tile designs for one-of-a-kind painted finishes. Incorporate your child’s favourite colours and themes, like under the sea or superheroes. The options for customising a cubby house for your kids are endless!

Create Your Child’s Dream Cubby Haven!

With some imagination and paint, you can customise a fantastic cubby house that is uniquely your child’s own. Use fun colours, creative finishes and personalised accessories to design their dream playhouse. Take inspiration from tips like chalkboard paint, built-on porches and handpainted ombre. Their cubby haven reflects their interests and style. For more ideas or help creating the perfect cubby house, contact our team at Aarons Outdoor Living today!

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