Mothers Day D.I.Y. Gift Idea

The perfect, easy to create, D.I.Y., last minute gift for Mum this Mothers Day (Sunday 8th May).
What you’ll need:

  • Assorted Mini Terrecotta Pots
  • Acryllic Craft Paint
  • Wire
  • Circular frame – an old bike tire will be perfect, or you can purchase a pre-made wreath from a $2 store to start with

Step 1.

Purchase an assortment of mini terracotta pots. You can buy these cheap online from eBay but since you’ve left it to the last minute, you better pop down to Masters or the $2 shop! You can pick these up in most craft sections of the $2 store. From Masters they’ll be $5 each.

Step 2.

While your still at Masters or the $2 Shop – pick up some Acrylic Craft Paint in a variety of bright colours your Mum will enjoy. Now you’ll need to paint your pots. You won’t need to make this step too tricky but if you do want your colour to last as long as possible, check out this video ‘how-to’!

Step 3.

You’ll need some wire and either a pre-made wreath or circular frame for this step. Your pots will have holes in the base of them, work your way from pot to pot, weaving the pots together using the wire and wiring them onto the circular frame.

Step 4.

Now it’s time to hang the wreath on your Mums she-shed door! Voila!
Gift Idea for Mums SHE-SHED!

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