Cubby houses back on trend after Covid lockdown resurgence

Aarons Outdoor was recently featured in a Daily Telegraph article about how a cubby can be the perfect escape for kids and adults during this COVID lockdown.

The humble cubby house has had a revamp with many kids spending lockdown decking out their backyard sanctuaries.

Cubby houses are back in vogue with luxurious new features like plush carpet floors, solid tin roofs and front verandas putting granny flats to shame as the most popular choice for small dwellings.

The Conlon household from Concord jumped on the net in search of more space for their busy family of five, hunting down the biggest cubby house on offer at Aarons Outdoor that covered ten square metres and came with a little veranda attached.

Ellie Conlon waters the plants in her cubby house in the backyard of her family’s Concord home. Picture: Toby Zerna

Ellie Conlon plays in her cubby house. Picture: Toby Zerna

“We had a baby last year and went straight into lockdown, and my seven-year-old daughter Ellie struggled, so we thought we’d get a cubby so she could have her own space,” mum Laura Conlon, said.

“I took her to Aarons Outdoor at Croydon, and she just fell in love straight away. It was a really cute little moment.

“We got it installed and spent a week painting it just before Easter and then my cousin installed the electricity. It’s quite a large space. It’s like her own studio.”

Ellie Conlon, 7, has decked out the space with a clothes rack full of dress ups, a bucket of Lego and a microphone stand to sing and dance with her 17-month-old sister Olivia.

Ellie Conlon, pictured with her sister Olivia, has decked out the cubby house with dress ups and a microphone to sign and dance. Picture: Toby Zerna

Ellie Conlon with her sister Olivia. Picture: Toby Zerna

The cubby, called ‘Ellie and Olivia’s Palace’, is not just the kids’ perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the main house, it offers some respite for the adults too.

“My husband and Ellie have actually slept in it. It’s a nice space for them to escape and have quiet time. We also have a TV in there to watch the Olympics,” Mrs Conlon said.

“We decorated it together, so it’s been a nice little family joint project. They can go out and play and we know they’re safe.”

The cubby house has always been a mainstay of the Australian backyard, but with new quality wooden and metal materials, it is far from the traditional build of fence palings nailed together.

“Our cubbies are built to last. They are coming back into trend. We noticed an uptick of 37 per cent in our sales last year with families being in lockdown and wanting a safe space for kids to play,” General Manager of Aarons Outdoor, Nat Gordon, said.

“People are willing to spend on quality and find something bigger for their kids. They want it to have longevity. The real trend we’re seeing is the increase in size and height.

“A lot of people are using it as a retreat, rather than just for the tiny folk in our life.”

The original article written by Dana Pendrick can be found here

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