How to Protect Your Timber for Life

At Aarons, we take pride in our products and service. Your timber products should last a lifetime – over and over again.

A good quality timber stain ensures longevity in both the colour and the quality of the timber

Aarons Outdoor Living timber products are stained to a high quality to ensure the best life span out of your product. For most of our products, we use a ‘dipping’ bath to stain every nook and cranny in your product, as opposed to other companies which only lightly spray the exterior of their timber panels. After contracting and expanding in the weather elements, inferior product will see ‘spray lines’ whilst Aarons product continue to shine! Aarons on-site chemists continue to maintain our stain quality and finish.

Do I really need to stain my treated timber product?

Unfortunately, it has become common thought that treated timber will not need to be stained or painted. Whilst ALL of Aarons timber products are treated to protect against rot and termites, treatment will not save your timber from weather elements. Your timber treatment will save you from decay and insect attack for decades, Aarons timber stain will maintain the timbers appearance and durability So that your cubby house lasts longer.

Save Time & Money!

We provide great looking exterior finish from day one with our dip stain. No need to find the time to paint or stain yourself. You know those weathered old fences? This is why Aarons have the BEST resale value in the future – our stain will last beyond it’s time.

Painting Your Stained Product

Purchased a stain product from Aarons but now looking to paint? Or stain provides the perfect undercoat saving you time and money when you do eventually decide to paint your product.
** For more information on painting your Aarons product, check out our blog on cubby house paint schemes.

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