How to Clean Your Deck

A deck can add something truly special to your outdoor structure. They not only look great but also make for comfortable sitting and standing, especially as they level out any uneven surface underneath. However, like everything else, if you want it to keep looking its best and to last longer, then you will need to make sure you provide the appropriate outdoor deck maintenance. The task of outdoor maintenance is not as hard as you’d think as long as you use the right products and methods. Our guide will help you do just that!
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Do I Need to Give My Deck a Deep Clean?

Many people believe that decks only need a sweep to get rid of debris now and again. The timber is tough and meant to last, but it doesn’t last forever. While a good sweep will help because dirt and debris can become acidic, eating away at the wood and creating scratches, you should still give your decking a good deeper clean every now and again to preserve the life of the timber.

Supplies Needed

You will need a:

  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Broom
  • Hose

These products are always handy to have, so if you don’t have it already then head over to the hardware store! Decking oil and a pressure washer are optional but aren’t necessary. No need to spend a small fortune now on a pressure washer, although it will be handy.
You also need a good deck cleaning solution. A few good ones are:

These cleaning solutions aim to not only clean but inject life back into the timber decking.

Cleaning Steps

First, make sure your decking has no furniture, toys, or other items on it while you give it a clean. Clear away everything while you work or put a tarp or other plastic sheeting over heavier items. You don’t want to get cleaning products on them that could damage them accidentally.
Sweep away all dirt and debris from the area. Working in dirt will just create mud, making your job of cleaning the deck a lot less enjoyable.
Follow the directions carefully on your desired cleaning product. Not all cleaning products are the same, so make sure you read the directions on every one.
Either scrub the deck with the soft bristled brush or use a pressure washer. Either one will get deep into the crevices to wash away hidden dirt. If using a pressure washer make sure you are at least 30cm away and you don’t stay in one spot for too long, so you don’t degrade the wood.
Finally, make sure you wash away all the soap suds. Leaving soapy water to dry on the wood will make it look worn. Let your deck dry before putting the furniture back (which isn’t too long in the Australian sun!) and seal with oil to help preserve it.

Are you thinking about adding decking to your outdoor structure? Just want an area that is level and safe to put outdoor furniture? Aarons Outdoor Living can make is possible. Our decking is built to last using only the highest quality timber available. Our treated pine is long-lasting and looks fantastic, making your outdoor area really come to life. Aarons decking is custom-made, so you can be sure to have something that suits your home best.
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